What Is HospitalCareers?

HospitalCareers is the healthcare industry's career destination site that connects healthcare candidates and hospitals to find their perfect match.

We partner directly with hospital associations to connect job seekers to the best opportunities, as soon as they're available. This allows us to screen the quality of our positions and ensure that only legitimate, worthwhile openings are listed on our site.

Providing an efficient alternative to the pay-to-post methods of the past, HospitalCareers.com automatically imports the jobs from our participating healthcare organizations and lists them in our database for aspiring candidates to browse, share, save for later, and apply.

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Search over 25,000+ hospital jobs for free by title, category, location, and more.

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One cost-effective annual flat-fee.

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Hassle-Free Job Integration

We scrape your job postings so you don't have to do any manual work.

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Post an unlimited number of job postings throughout the year.

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Our Association Network

HospitalCareers.com partners directly with state hospital associations to ensure the quality of the positions we offer.
We work consistently to build new relationships with hospitals and clinics in each state we're partnered with, expanding our network.