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Most medical students are required to complete a medical internship as part of their educational and professional careers. Medical interns are medical school graduates taking part in on-the-job training. These healthcare professionals work to get exposure to a variety of specialties and complete different duties that may include offering patient care, assisting with tasks as assigned by physicians, assisting with medical procedures, and...
The healthcare industry is in trouble. Costs are rising, patients are unhappy, and providers are struggling to make a profit. There seem to be no easy solutions to these problems, but there are definitely steps that can be taken to improve the situation. In this blog post, we will outline the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry and discuss different strategies that can be used to solve them.   The Biggest Challenges...
Virtual healthcare services have been rising in popularity both in the US and globally. One of the main reasons for this are repeated lockdowns over the years, and rightful concerns over how safe it is for vulnerable patients to visit hospitals during the pandemic. While virtual healthcare has opened a lot of doors for patients and medical health practitioners alike, the services themselves leave room for improvement. Even with huge...
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