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If you happen to be someone that is on the autism spectrum, there is a raft of careers that you could enjoy in the healthcare sector. As a general rule of thumb , you should seek a job in healthcare that: Allows you to sell your work or create a portfolio that supports your career Has a defined objective, goal or endpoint Offers work in an environment that recognizes your social nuances Let's look at some of the...
The nursing field is one of the fast-growing fields in healthcare. As one of the broadest healthcare sectors, nurses can take a variety of career paths through degrees, licenses, specialties, and certifications. Yet as the demand for nurses is expected to rise, aspiring nurses face a unique dilemma. However, with such a diverse professional landscape, how are the nurses of tomorrow going to figure out which roles can secure their futures?...
The global shortage in the healthcare sector was anticipated even before the presence of COVID-19. The staff shortage, the rising demand for them, as well as budget issues are some of the most common challenges the industry faces. With this shortage comes an expected rise for qualified healthcare personnel (clinical & non-clinical) worldwide. Therefore, almost 30% of HR recruitments  hired for medical facilities were and are done...
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