Resume Guide

Ch. 1: What is a Resume?

Get started here by learning the basics of resume-building and it's importance to your job search.

Learn the basics of resume-building

Ch. 2: The Best Fonts for Your Resume

Discover the best fonts for your resume and which ones to avoid.

Learn about the best resume fonts

Ch. 3: Resume Format

Learn about the 3 primary resume formats and when to use them.

Learn about resume formatting

Ch. 4: Resume Action Verbs

Learn action verbs for your resume, including a list of 250+ terms for you to use.

Learn about action verbs

Ch. 5: Skills for Your Resume

Learn about skills you can use on your resume in addition to your qualifications & achievements.

Learn about skills for your resume

Ch. 6: How to Make a Resume

A beginning-to-end, comprehensive guide to writing a resume that will land the interview.

Learn how to make a resume