Interviewing Guide

What is an Interview?

Ch. 1: What is an Interview?

Learn about what interviews are, their purpose in the hiring process, and what they mean for job seekers.

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How to Prepare for an Interview

Ch. 2: How to Prepare for An Interview

There are steps everyone should take when preparing for an interview. Learn about them here.

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Interview Tips

Ch. 3: Interview Tips

From a firm handshake to staying confident, there are things you can do to enhance your interviewing prowess. Learn about them here.

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Interview Questions

Ch. 4: Interview Questions

The most important part of any interview is the questions. Learn about what you can expect to be asked, and what you should be asking here.

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Interview Follow Up

Ch. 5: Interview Follow Up

After an interview, it’s important to reconnect with the employer to thank them for their time and consideration.

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