Top 20 Best Pre-Med Schools

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April 21, 2016

Best Pre-Med Schools -

Everyone wants a great education at an affordable price, but many take the research for granted. If you’re going to medical school and considering undergrad programs, you can’t afford not know about the best pre-med schools the U.S. has to offer.

It is worth noting that pre-med is generally not a degree at any university or school, but rather it’s a career path. What this means is that you can prepare for medical school with any degree program, as long as you complete the requirements for admission, including:

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Genetics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics

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Top 20 Best Pre-Med Schools:

1. Harvard University

Harvard College - Best Pre-Med Schools

Although Harvard University has no set pre-medical program for students to enroll in, it takes the #1 spot due to it’s rigorous academics and training, well-preparing students for medical school.

If Harvard’s on your list of potential schools, you can expect to pay a hefty $43,938 per year in tuition. Although, even if you have the grades, extracurriculars, and experiences necessary, they still only accept 6% of applicants each year. For serious consideration, shoot for a near-perfect GPA and an ACT score of 33 or SAT of 2365.

2. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina - Best Pre-Med Schools

UNC has been sitting at the top of the pre-med ladder for a while now and have extensive success training their students through their 9-week Medical Education Development (MED) summer program. The program is designed for students to shadow physicians and healthcare professionals while participating in special lectures and seminars designed to further their careers.

If you’re looking for a great pre-med school but your GPA or test scores come in on the lower side of the spectrum for others on this list, make UNC a priority as they accept 29% of applicants each year. Average GPAs revolve around a 3.7 while ACT scores are near 25 with SAT scores around 1750.

North Carolina residents can expect to get the bargain of a lifetime with tuition rates of $8,834 while out-of-state students still fare on the cheaper side at $33,916.

3. Northwestern University

Northwestern - Best Pre-Med Schools

Northwestern University has consistently exceeded the highest standards in education and have payed close attention to their pre-med program. An attractive feature of this school is their Peer Health Exchange, allowing current students to teach courses in health at high schools that would otherwise lack similar program. The combination of this interactivity and the school’s prestige place this at #3 on the best pre-med schools list.

Similar to the first two spots, tuition rates are fairly high at $47,251 and Northwestern typically accepts 13% of applicants each year. For serious consideration, students should apply with a GPA near 3.8 and ACT scores of 32, or SAT scores of 2205.

4. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins - Best Pre-Med Schools

Johns Hopkins University is nationally recognized for their expertise in not only medicine, but a vast array of fields including engineering, political science, and education.

The 16% of prospective students actually make it on to the matriculation roster hold the GPAs around 3.85 and scored a 32 on their ACT, or 3150 on the SAT. However, a quality education is not cheap. Enrollment at JHU will set prospective students (or parents) back $47,060 per year in tuition.

5. Georgetown

Georgetown - Best Pre-Med Schools

Like a few others on our list, Georgetown University is on the bandwagon of offering students an easier path to a medical degree by allowing them to be admitted to medical school early. Through their Early Assurance Program, students can relieve a large amount of the stress associated with the admissions process.

Georgetown currently charges $46,744 in tuition, about average for this list, and accepts 17% of total applicants each year. Matriculating students typically held a 3.85 GPA and scored a 30 on their ACT or 2025 on the SAT.

6. George Washington University

George Washington University - Best Pre-Med Schools

George Washington University is a highly-acclaimed institution located in Washington, D.C. The attractiveness of this school to prospective students may be its location, the program itself, or the fact that it’s one of the best pre-med schools that offer the program abroad, unlike the vast majority.

Additionally, GWU offers students the ability to skip the downtime between degrees and go straight from their undergraduate program in to a medical program with ease. However, expect to work hard to get into this program by showing leadership and getting very involved on campus. Only a few select students are admitted each year. However, the payoff is that your MCAT scores will be waived and your medical school tuition will be fixed a set rate throughout your studies.

GWU generally accepts 39% of applicants each year and prospective students can expect to pay $51,875.

7. Boston University

Boston University - Best Pre-Med Schools

If you’re looking to go to one school for all of your educational needs, consider Boston University. The schools boasts an Early Assurance Program, allowing students to be pre-admitted into their medical school. The school also offers two dual programs leading to a medical degree in 7 years, rather than 8. You can take either the BA or liberal arts paths.

Tuition at Boston University is competitive with the majority on this list at $46,664, but the acceptance rate is much higher at 34%. Matriculating students typically have around a 3.7 GPA and scored a 29 on their ACT or 1945 on their SAT.

8. Tufts University

Tufts - Best Pre-Med Schools

Although Tufts University is another one of those schools with out a concrete “pre-med” program, their website describes it as “a career choice, not a major,” noting that students can prepare for medical school through any major that they desire.

Similarly to others on this list, Tufts offers students the chance to gain admission to their medical school early to relieve part of the stress (and gain enrollment). These programs typically tend to shave off a year of the total time needed to earn a medical degree.

Tuition costs at Tufts are competitive at $48,639 and they accept 17% of total applicants. Matriculating students typically have earned around a 3.85 GPA and an ACT score of 31, or SAT score of 2165.

9. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania - Best Pre-Med Schools

The University of Pennsylvania offers no fast-track or early acceptance programs, but does have a history of providing students with a solid pre-med education. Being home to several research facilities studying ailments like cancer and alzheimer’s disease, students can expect to have an abundance of choices about their experiences.

If you’ve earned a non-science undergraduate degree but are looking to go to medical school, UPenn may be right for you as they also offer post-baccalaureate degrees in pre-health designed to bridge the gap.

Students can expect to pay an above-average $51,464 for tuition. However, the school is very popular and only 9% of applicants become matriculating students.

10. Cornell University

Cornell - Best Pre-Med Schools

Are you searching for a high-quality education that also includes more hands-on experience? Cornell University is looking to attract students by offering more experiences to its undergrads right from the beginning. Students are given opportunities to work with the New York Presbyterian Hospitals where they may choose what fields they focus on and can design their own schedule. They call this program the “Urban Semester” and, combined with their rigorous educational standards, puts Cornell on the best pre-med schools list.

The cost of attendance at Cornell is competitive for in-state residents at $34,209 and a little higher than others on this list for out-of-state students at $50,953. As of 2014, Cornell accepted 14% of applicants with GPAs near 3.7 and ACT scores above 30.

11. Stanford University

Stanford University

Like many on this list, Stanford University is another highly-prestigious university in which you are largely paying for the name and recognition that it carries. Regardless, their pre-med program is top notice, only admitting 5% of applicants with GPA’s ranging from 3.8 – 4.0+ and SAT and ACT scores from 1450 – 1590 or 31+, respectively.

Learn more about Stanford University’s selection process

12. Columbia University

Columbia University

Costing $55,161 per year in tuition, Columbia University is another highly-competitive option, particularly if you’re intent is to go to medical school. However, that should not deter you from applying if you fall within their range of accepted applicants.

Since only 6% of students are admitted, its imperative that your GPA is no less than a 3.8 and your SAT or ACT scores are from 2180 – 2340 or 32 – 35, respectively.

Learn more about Columbia University’s Selection Process

13. Duke University

Duke University

Similarly, Duke University is another widely-known and prestigious university with a slightly less selective process than others on this list. Duke admits roughly 9% of applicants who possess a GPA of 3.8+ and SAT or ACT scores of 1480 – 1590 or 32 – 35, respectively.

Although their admissions standards are slightly more lenient than others, their tuition rates are not; Duke charges $51,510.

Learn more about Duke University’s selection process

14. Yale University


Yale. Need we say more? You can’t go wrong with a pre-med education from Yale, although attaining it is no easy task. The university only accepts about 7% of applicants, charges $47,600 per year in tuition alone, and you’ll need a GPA of 4.0+ and SAT or ACT scores of roughly 1540 or 32 – 35, respectively.

Learn more about Yale’s selection process

15. University of Washington

University of Washington

If you’re  looking for a more affordable education at a less competitive education but don’t want to damper your chances for medical school, the University of Washington may be the school for you.

UW accepted a whopping 45.3% of their applicants and only charges $10,753 for in-state tuition & $34,791 for out-of-state. Students looking to be admitted will have to bring a 3.69+ GPA and an SAT or ACT score of 1210 – 1420 or 26 – 32, respectively.

Learn more about UW’s selection process

16. University of California – Los Angeles


The University of California- Los Angeles is another great choice for your pre-medical school education. It has an above-average acceptance rate of 18%, charges $12,918 for in-state and $40,932 for out-of-state students, and admits those who have a 3.7+ GPA and SAT or ACT scores of 1630 – 2080 or 29 – 34, respectively.

Learn more about UCLA’s selection process

17. Emory University

Emory University

Similar to many others on the list, Emory offers students a great education for a hefty price tag. However, they do admit more students than most (25%) and have ample prestige boost your medical school chances.

Students who have a 3.7+ GPA and SAT or ACT scores of 2030 – 2270 or 31+, respectively, ought to submit an admissions application.

Learn more about Emory University’s selection process

18. Brown University

Brown University

Our list wouldn’t be complete without adding Brown University. Similar to others that are ranked toward the top, Brown admits only 9.5% of students and charges $52,231 to those that do get in.

Additionally, student’s hoping for admission ought to be sure their GPA is a solid 3.8+ and they have an SAT or ACT score of 1500 – 1580 or 29+, respectively.

Learn more about Brown University’s selection process

19. Tufts University

Tuft's University

Tufts University is well-known across the U.S. and abroad for its education superiority, and its graduates are recognized similarly. Students with a GPA of 3.8+, who can afford the hefty price tag of $53,152 per year in tuition, and have an SAT or ACT score of 1490 – 1550 or 30+, respectively, ought to try their hand at admission. However, note that only 14% of applicants are let in.

Learn more about Tufts University’s selection process

20. University of Virginia

University of Virginia

Lastly, another cheaper alternative to a great pre-med education is UVA, but only for in-state students who are charged a tuition rate of $15,714. Out-of-state are out of luck as the rates are just as expensive as more prestigious universities higher on the list at $45,058.

However, UVA does have a higher-than-average acceptance rate of 30%, and accepts students who primarily possess a GPA of 3.75+ and SAT or ACT scores of 1410 – 1510 or 31 – 34, respectively.

Learn more about UVA’s selection process

What do you think of our list? Did your school make the cut? Tell is what you think in the comments below!

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