10 Best Hashtags for Your Job Search

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February 10, 2016

Best Hashtags for Your Job Search

Hashtags are everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, commercials, TV shows– if it exists they probably use hashtags. Using the best hashtags for your post increases its visibility and engages it with other people who use the same hashtag. But did you know they can also be used to find a job?

Twitter created hashtags and since their birth, they have spread like wildfire across every social media platform and advertising campaign. It’s no wonder that hiring managers and job seekers have turned to hashtags as a tool for job placement.

If done strategically, hashtags can increase the overall visibility of a post twofold. They must be concise, relevant, and conversational to work well in a post. Use hashtags that other people use to reach your targeted audience. It’s also good to note that you don’t need to cram a bunch of hashtags into your post. People that use more than two hashtags show a 17% drop off in engagement opposed to those that use one or two. In fact, people who only use one or two hashtags see a 21% increase in their engagement.

All of this sounds good, but how do you use them to find jobs? Well, the masses are turning to social media platforms to find jobs since the old ways of job searching are dead. That means using hashtags in your posts on Twitter and Facebook can make you visible to hiring managers and job postings. You can also use hashtags as a job-search tool. You can click on a hashtag and it will send you to the thread assigned to that hashtag; so if you click on #joblistings, it should bring you to a big list of job listings.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn dropped their hashtag program in 2013, but have since initiated a tag system like hashtags– they just don’t use the pound sign. With LinkedIn, you can add three keyword tags to the end of your long-form post. To use the tags do this:

  1. After you write your post, go to the bottom of the post.
  2. Click the Tag icon next to Add tags; consulting, sales, marketing, etc.
  3. Click into the text box and begin typing.
  4. Select an available tag from the drop-down.

These tags make you visible to employers and job listings the same way hashtags do, they are just LinkedIn’s way of doing so. With LinkedIn, you need to focus on keywords to improve your SEO so your post becomes more viewable than others.

Their system puts you into what they call a “Pulse channel” that aligns you with similar tags and categories. It’s a great way to use keywords and tags to become more visible to hiring managers, and to find jobs you might be interested in.

If you need additional help, check the LinkedIn FAQ.

I digress, back to talking about hashtags. If you want to know the best hashtags to use to find a job, whether it be on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done some digging and have found what we think are the best hashtags to use if you want to find job listings, or if you want to attract an employer to your post.

10 Best Hashtags for Your Job Search:

There are hashtags you can use to find jobs and there are those you can use to attract employers to your post. We will list them both together, but tell you which purposes they are for, or if you can use them for both.

1. #JobSearch

This is one of the best hashtags you can use to find a job. You can use this hashtag on Twitter and Facebook to find posts related to job search and to see if anyone is hiring. This is really one of the most important hashtags you can search to find a job and you can also tag it to your post so that others can see you’re looking for employment. Twitter has hundreds of new updates for this hashtag every hour so you can see the most current post and search the whole list back through time. On Facebook, you can see posts that relate to the hashtag and you can see posts that are specific to friends and groups about the topic. If you need a job, definitely add #jobsearch to your posts and check to see what people are posting.

2. #JobOpenings

#Jobopenings and #jobopening are some of the best hashtags to search for a job. This hashtag is mainly a searchable tag to help you find something you might be interested in. Facebook and Twitter update frequently with new #jobopenings that post from all over the world. You can use this hashtag to see other people’s posts that are relevant to your search. You can add a hashtag of your area to help search within that area of interest. This is definitely a good hashtag to use if you want to see posts from hiring managers who need their jobs filled. One downside is that there are jobs from all over the world.

3. #HireMe

#Hireme is an increasingly popular hashtag that job seekers use to let employers know that they need a job and are available. If you are unemployed, you might as well own it and be blunt about trying to get a job. Nobody will give you a job unless you ask and this is the best way to ask for a job today. #Hireme is the best hashtag to get your point across and be thrown into the pool of other job seekers; just make sure to have a good post that stands out and uses good keywords that make you valuable.

4. #JobAngels

This hashtag can be used to make yourself visible to the Job Angels group. They help unemployed people find jobs and post good resources for job seekers; you can find everything from job openings to career advice and resources on this thread. They even hold webinars for job seekers to provide tips and tricks, ask questions and get answers from careers advisers and experts. It’s definitely a good resource if you need a job.

5. #MBA

Hashtagging your skills is a good move to let employers see that you are highly qualified. These hashtags can be #MBA, #Ph.D., really whatever your skill is that you want other people to see. You can make these unique and they are used best if coupled with other hashtags like, “Looking for a medical job. #jobopenings #Doctor,” or something along these lines. Another example can be, “Just got my #MBA and I need a #financejob.” Get creative with it. It won’t hurt.

6. #HR

If you’re looking for a job, you might as well go straight to the ones hiring. #HR makes your post visible to anybody searching the human resources thread. You can also search the thread to see if any HR people have posted jobs. The thread is also a good place for resources and hiring tips. It’s a good keyword to hashtag and search if you need a little boost in your job search.

7. #LinkedIn

Even though you can’t use normal hashtags on LinkedIn, you can use #LinkedIn on Twitter or Facebook to let those looking know that you have a visible profile that they should check out. You can step it up a bit and put a link to your profile in the post. Also, in the hashtag thread on Twitter or Facebook, you can see what other people are posting. A bunch of people post resources in here and talk about news and tips to help you land a job.

8. #JobListing

This is one the best hashtags to see if a company is hiring. This hashtag is almost exclusively used by companies. Many companies use this hashtag when they have jobs they need to be filled. This is really just a searchable hashtag you can use to search for listings– unless you happen to be hiring. It’s pretty easy. Look through the thread to see if there are any jobs you might be interested in. One thing that isn’t great is that there are literally jobs from all over the world, so it might take awhile.

9. #Employment

This is a hashtag you can search for jobs and tag your post to become visible in the thread. You can use this hashtag with #jobs and other major keywords used by businesses looking for new employees. This is another thread that posts resources and tips for anyone looking for a job. It’s a pretty standard job searching thread, but tons of people use it, so it is a good one to use for visibility and see what’s happening in the job world.

10. #Recruiting

This is a great thread to visit for hiring trends and to learn about recruiting techniques used to find candidates. You can read about recruiting news, see what people forecast for the future of recruiting, and check out new technologies that companies use to find employees. Companies also post jobs on this thread, so you can find careers. It’s an all around good hashtag to visit for news, resources, and job listings.


If you need a job, the best way to land one is to use all the resources at your fingertips and take advantage of the best hashtags. Social Media is now a dominating leader in helping people find jobs. Instead of looking through newspapers or even on Craigslist anymore, people are using connections and large social media networks to land jobs. You should use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to search for jobs and use targeted keywords and hashtags to your advantage. Combining hashtags and keywords makes you visible to employers and people who visit the same search threads. Give it a try. Hopefully, your visibility will increase and you will land the job of your dreams.

What hashtags do you use? Tell us in the comments below.

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