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As a nurse, you must think about many things once you start practicing. Financial planning is one of the most important but often overlooked aspects of being a nurse . You want to be able to have a solid financial foundation so that you can focus on your career and helping others. Whether you're just getting started as a nurse or are looking for better ways to manage your finances as an experienced nurse, here are 17 crucial financial tips...
Healthcare companies are managed by a variety of different people, depending on the size and type of company.  For smaller companies, the management team may consist of just a few people, while larger companies may have hundreds or even thousands of managers. The most important thing for healthcare company management is to make sure that the company is run smoothly and efficiently. This means that managers need to be able to...
It’s no secret that the US is in the midst of its worse ever nursing shortage. To compound things, reports suggest that this crisis could continue until 2030 . The fundamental problem is that there aren’t enough registered nurses to help with the growing demands of the healthcare system. Consequently, hospitals around the country are doing all they can to encourage nurses to sign up. This includes introducing various nurse...
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