Staff RN - Labor and Delivery FT Nights

  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Torrance, CA, USA
  • Nov 23, 2022

Job Description

The Staff RN uses the nursing process to deliver nursing care to a given patient care population as it relates to the care setting. Nursing care is based on the interpretation and execution of the medical and nursing plan of treatment utilizing established procedures standards and protocols of individuals within the assigned work shift. The Staff RN provides nursing care to the population served in the unit. Core Competencies Adheres to infection prevention guidelines Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards of practice to deliver safe and optimal care Assesses patient history, physiological, and psychosocial status Communicates with the patient, family, medical staff and others during the continuum of care Complies with Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals Complies with organizational quality dashboard/benchmarking goals Interprets common variables affecting patient care and follows reporting process Maintains regulatory compliance consistent with quality standards and ethical obligations of the profession Participates in activities in alignment with the Magnet Model Participates in organizational activities Participates in Peer Review Participates in professional development activities Performs as a preceptor in an active and engaged manner Provides age-specific individualized care that supports protection from harm and complies with patient safety centered interventions/bundles Provides patient and family education throughout the care of patient Uses critical thinking to formulate and carry out a care plan according to patient needs Utilizes resources in an economical manner Utilizes safe administration of medications Utilizes Safe Patient Handling Department Specific Competencies Initiates or augments labor by mechanical or pharmacological methods. Manages labor, employment and/or workers compensation claims; oversees outside counsel in employment litigation; attends mediations; analyses value of case and makes recommendations as to settlement negotiations. Administers emergency measures to support newborn adaptation to extra uterine life. Monitors and manages the patient who has recently given birth. Provides support and teaching for breastfeeding mothers. Appropriately documents breastfeeding assessments and interventions in the medical record. Develops and maintains an inpatient environment supportive of breastfeeding. Provides support and teaching for breastfeeding mothers. Bleeding Reduction: Postpartum Uterus-Limits the amount of blood loss from the postpartum uterus. (SERVICE/ KNOWLEDGE/ STABILITY) Controls bleeding with medications as ordered and monitors its effects. Prepares and supports a patient delivering a baby via cesarean section. Demonstrates the ability to assess, evaluate, and intervene to electronic fetal monitoring. Evaluates fetal heart rate response to movement, external stimuli or uterine contractions during antepartal testing. Evaluates fetal heart rate response to uterine contractions during intrapartal care. High Risk Pregnancy Care- Identifies and manages a high-risk pregnancy to promote healthy outcomes for mother and baby. (SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, EXCELLENCE) Intrapartal Care- Monitoring and management of stages one and two of the birth process. (SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, EXCELLENCE) Intrapartal Care- High Risk Delivery- Assisting vaginal birth of multiple or malpositioned fetuses.(SERVICE/ KNOWLEDGE/ EXCELLENCE) Supports the Labor and Delivery area to take placentas to the morgue and log them in per process (attached). Administers emergency measures to support newborn adaptation to extra uterine life. Assess mothers learning needs and provides newborn and post partum teaching utilizing the patient teaching folder. Documents ongoing patient teaching. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in response to OB and newborn emergencies Performs active surveillance by monitoring cultures, device related and surgical site infections, and reporting to the regulatory agencies communicable diseases and/or outbreaks. Post anesthesia Care- Monitors and manages the patient who has recently undergone general or regional anesthesia. (SERVICE/ KNOWLEDGE/ EXCELLENCE) Assists with transportation of patients into the Operating Room and Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Infection Control: Intraprocedure - Presents nosocomial infection in the procedure room. Follows Operating Room policy relating to positioning, moving and lifting the patient and equipment; to protect staff from injury by use of proper body mechanics, and number of persons needed for moving and lifting the patient, proper use of surgical attire and personnel protective equipment. Assists in patient positioning when needed and directed. Assists the surgical team with patient transport and positioning pre and post procedure. Surgical techniques including: Aseptic technique and ability to maintain sterile field Patient positioning: prepping and draping Intra op retracting Hemostasis Wound Closure Surgical dressing Evaluation and treatment of patients with acute and chronic conditions related to specialty, following standardized procedures and as privileged. Assists other team members by offering assistance to distribute the workload. Assists the surgeon with operative procedures and care of the surgical patient. Attains and or maintains body temperature within normal range. Administer immunizations and injections as directed by a physician. Immunization/Vaccination Administration- Provides immunizations for prevention of communicable diseases Environment Management: Attachment Process - Manipulates the patients surroundings to facilitate the development of the parent-infant relationship. (SERVICE/ KNOWLEDGE/ EXCELLENCE) Attachment Promotion- facilitates the development of the parent-infant relationship. Caregiver Support- provides the necessary information, advocacy and support to facilitate primary patient care by someone other than the healthcare professional. (COMMUNITY, SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE) Family Integration Promotion - Facilitates the growth of individuals or families who are adding an infant to the family unit. (SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, COMMUNITY) Parent Education: Childbearing Family - Prepares another to perform the role of a parent. Pregnancy Termination Care- Manages the physical and psychological needs of the women undergoing a spontaneous or elective abortion Provides counseling/support may be on issues related to: Death and dying, anticipatory grief, grief and loss, resolution of unfinished business, extent of care and resuscitation measures. Education Degree Program College Diploma Nursing Additional Information Experience Number of Years Experience Type of Experience 5 Additional Information N/A License / Certification Requirements Registered Nurse License BCLS or ACLS Certification NRP certification Advanced Fetal Monitoring Cert within 6 mos of hire