• Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Torrance, CA, USA
  • Aug 03, 2022
Dietary & Nutrition Therapy

Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Patient Services Manager, performs a variety of patient services work tasks that include tray assembly and delivery, food production, stocking, tray line, dish room, pots and pans and sanitation. Core Competencies Demonstrates proper sanitation, hand washing, glove usage and infection control procedures in all areas of the food service operation. Follows safe food handling procedure in the storage, preparation and holding of all food items. Exhibits great customer service skills. Communicates with patients patient's families, customers, and employees in a courteous, caring, positive and respectful manner. Follows proper sanitation procedures and chemical use in the cleaning and sanitizing of all work areas, utensils and equipment. Demonstrates knowledge of departments chemical sanitizer and PH testing procedures. Assembles and delivers patient food trays and nourishments in an accurate, organized and timely manner following required patient identification and infection control procedures. Assists in loading patient trays into food carts, transports patient food carts to desiganted floors accurately and expediently, delivers ASAP trays during trayline and after trayline and retrieves items needed on trayline as necessary. Retrieves soiled patient trays from designated areas as assigned in an organized manner and within the time frame allowed while following required sanitation, infection control and path of travel procedures. Performs cold production tasks for patients and/or cafeteria as needed or assigned. Uses personal protective equipment(cut resistent gloves) and proper food handling techniques. Stocks food items on designated patient care unit nourishment rooms/areas following assigned par level numbers. After stocking, enters stocked numbers in computer for accurate cost analysis. Performs assigned cleaning of units food storage areas. Monitors and documents temperatures of refrigerators and freezers in units where floor stocks are stored. Communicates with Supervisor/Lead if temperatures are out of compliance. Practices FIFO(first in, first out) rotation of food products, checks for outdated product and dates opened juice containers with use by date per hospital policy. Works trayline positions as assigned in an accurate, expedient and sanitary manner. Stocks trayline station for next shift as directed. Performs trash and garbage disposal duties following proper procedures. Retrieves trash from assigned areas and transports to basement compactor using the soiled path of travel and discards trash into compactor. Breaks down empty boxes, transports to basement dock area and discard in bailer. Empties broken glass container daily following safe practices. Follows required dishroom and dishmachine operation procedures. Follows infection control, proper hand hygiene and seperation of clean and dirty procedures. Performs required dishmachine and dishroom cleaning procedures. Demonstrates knowledge of chemicals and personal protective equipment ie. goggles, gloves, aprons and slip resistant shoes. Cleans and sanitizes Pots and Pans using the three compartment system and the 4 step process of Wash, Rinse, Sanitize and Air Dry. Monitor and document sanitizer with Ph test strips and Pot Washer temperatures as assigned. Clean and sanitize dishware transport carts as needed between service. Performs detailed and extensive cleaning of assigned areas per cleaning checklist. Demonstrates knowledge of chemicals and personal protective equipment ie. goggles, gloves, aprons and slip resistant shoes. Performs assigned sanitation and cleaning in designated work areas following proper procedures. Operates and cleans equipment used to perform job tasks following proper procedures. Department Specific Competencies Maintains a general knowledge of modified diets. Education Degree Program N/A N/A Additional Information High School Diploma, GED or Higher Education or 6 months Work Experience. Experience Number of Years Experience Type of Experience N/A Additional Information N/A License / Certification Requirements ANSI accredited Food Handler Certificate or Food Protection Mngr Cert.within 1-year of hire ""