Cardiac Cath Lab Holding/EP Lab Staff RN - PT Days

  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Torrance, CA, USA
  • Aug 03, 2022
Nursing Therapy

Job Description

The Staff RN uses the nursing process to deliver nursing care to a given patient care population as it relates to the care setting. Nursing care is based on the interpretation and execution of the medical and nursing plan of treatment utilizing established procedures standards and protocols of individuals within the assigned work shift. The Staff RN provides nursing care to the population served in the unit. Core Competencies Adheres to infection prevention guidelines Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards of practice to deliver safe and optimal care Assesses patient history, physiological, and psychosocial status Communicates with the patient, family, medical staff and others during the continuum of care Complies with Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals Complies with organizational quality dashboard/benchmarking goals Interprets common variables affecting patient care and follows reporting process Maintains regulatory compliance consistent with quality standards and ethical obligations of the profession Participates in activities in alignment with the Magnet Model Participates in organizational activities Participates in Peer Review Participates in professional development activities Performs as a preceptor in an active and engaged manner Provides age-specific individualized care that supports protection from harm and complies with patient safety centered interventions/bundles Provides patient and family education throughout the care of patient Uses critical thinking to formulate and carry out a care plan according to patient needs Utilizes resources in an economical manner Utilizes safe administration of medications Utilizes Safe Patient Handling Department Specific Competencies Monitors and manipulates the physical environment to promote safety. Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide age specific care in the treatment, assessment, and education of adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients. Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between and among nurses, physicians, and other members of the health team to meet the specific care needs of patients. Electrolyte Monitoring, Acid-Base Monitoring and Fluid Monitoring. Collects and analyses the patient data to regulate fluid and electrolyte balance. Intervenes appropriately to correct imbalances. ((KNOWLEDGE/SERVICE) Respiratory Monitoring and Airway Management: Collection and analysis of patient data to ensure airway patency and adequate gas exchange (SERVICE/EXCELLENCE/KNOWLEDGE) Interprets ABGs and intervenes based on results and physicians orders. Maintenance of ventilated patient during procedure (KNOWLEDGE). Assists with intubation. Understands pathophysiology related to a patient with imbalance between myocardial oxygen supply and demand resulting in impaired cardiac function (KNOWLEDGE/EXCELLENCE). Understands pathophysiology related to patients experiencing arrhythmias, both atrial and v ventricular (KNOWLEDGE). Cardiac Care: Assesses and intervenes based on patients signs and symptoms, correlated diagnostic test results. Administers medications safely and understands indications and expected outcomes. Understands indications for procedural interventions and how these alter patient pathophysiology, thus changing patient plan or care. Interprets diagnostic information obtained during procedures and communicates/assesses/intervenes appropriately, ie: Information from hemodynamic parameters, pressure wires, EKG interpretation. Administers vasoactive drugs, antiarrhythmic and other cardiac and emergency medications. Monitor patients with thrombolytic agents including intra-arterial and recognize possible complications. Manages coagulation of patient accurately, pre, intra and post procedure. Assist with the insertion of the IABP (EXCELLENCE). Monitors patient and maintain IABP and titrate drips as needed. Exhibits knowledge of indication, application and use of pacemakers, external, transcutaneous and permanent when applicable (KNOWLEDGE). Can set up equipment for procedures performed in Cath Lab quickly and accurately (KNOWLEDGE). Troubleshoots diagnostic equipment, ie hemodynamic monitoring equipment, EKG equipment, pacers, etc. Acts to re-establish and maintain hemodynamic stability in patients experiencing hypovolemic, septic or cardiogenic shock. Admits patients pre procedure and appropriately assesses and prepares them for procedure (SERVICE/KNOWLEDGE). Recovers patients post procedure according to policy and procedure. Removes arterial line post procedure per order. (* per standardized procedure. See competency) (Service/Knowledge/Excellence) Provides appropriate procedural explanation, pre, intra and post procedure. Education Degree Program College Diploma Nursing Experience Number of Years Experience Type of Experience 1 Critical Care 5 nursing experience with at least one year of critical care. License / Certification Requirements Registered Nurse License ACLS Certification