• Memorial Health
  • Decatur, IL, USA
  • Nov 25, 2021

Job Description

Assembles room service cold foods, assembles meal trays, transports and serves room service trays, records patient fluid and meal consumption when indicated, works in the dishroom, and performs other duties. REQUIRED SKILLS Identifies with, shares in, and displays a commitment to the mission, philosophy, and objectives of the organization.  Demonstrates knowledge of the mission, gives consideration to the principles of the mission (core values:  Compassion, Agility, Respect, Excellence, and Service). Participates in and supports performance improvement and risk management activities. Assembles meal trays.  Stocks Assembler area.  Checks for, prepares and sets up added items to ensure efficiency of room service operations.  Stocks assigned area; maintains area in neat and clean condition. Handles all food and equipment in accordance with the sanitary practices of the hospital, local and State Health Department or other regulatory agencies Assembles meals accurately. Presents meals attractively, assures items are in proper place. Checks for, prepares, and sets up added items to ensure efficiency of room service operations.  Stocks assigned area; maintains area in neat and clean condition. Assembles special “build your own” cold food items. Prepares nourishments and special food requested on the diets. Portions the dessert and other cold foods. Serves correct portion sizes; labels, dates, rotates, and stores all food items properly. Cleans up broken dishes and spills. Puts soiled linen in the proper location, using sanitation guidelines. Records refrigerator temperatures. Follows all safety precautions and uses personal sanitation and safety procedures. Uses personal protective equipment. Attends and contributes to all safety training sessions and uses good body mechanics. When working dishroom, ensures sanitary dishware and carts. Follows department dress code policy. Washes hands and changes gloves frequently. Maintains a clean and organized work area. Maintains composure in demanding and difficult situations and attempts solutions. Consults with supervisor or appropriate personnel in regard to food shortages, customer complaints, malfunctioning equipment and inappropriate equipment temperatures. Works well with deadlines. Stocks nursing units; prepares special foods. Cleans patient food refrigerators and microwaves. Supplies units with food and paper supplies for their kitchens. Records refrigerator temperatures. Maintain request forms for items. Prepares, delivers and returns room service trays of patients. Demonstrates age-related competencies and safety and privacy concerns for all patient populations served. Gathers patient trays and records consumption on computer as needed. Follows scripting guidelines (when interacting with patients in person, while taking calls). Performs other duties as assigned. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE Education and/or Other Requirements High school diploma or equivalent preferred or current student.  Hospitality experience is helpful but is not required. Environmental Factors This position is performed within an environment of noise, heat, steam, and temperature changes.   Moderate exposure to potentially injurious elements or conditions. Physical Demands The physical demands described are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of the job the employee is required to walk, stand, bend and reach, and climb a step stool. The employee will frequently be required to lift, push and pull weight of at least 1 to 50 pounds. Ability to communicate orally. Ability to attend to visual details (read at 3 feet). Ability to withstand noises, heat, steam and temperature changes. Ability to use detergents. Mental Demands Ability to work under stress and to adapt to changing conditions. Ability to retain knowledge in order to work a number of different positions. Comprehend written basic instructions, safety rules, office memoranda at a high school graduate level. Ability to compose written communication using standard business English at a high school graduate level. Ability to comprehend verbal sentences and instructions at a high school graduate level. Ability to converse in Standard English at a high school graduate level.

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