• Memorial Health
  • Jacksonville, IL 62650, USA
  • Oct 12, 2021
PRN Assistant/Support

Job Description

Under supervision of the registered nurse or designee, performs tasks and direct observations of patients and colleagues to minimize safety risks in the patient care environment and/or overall organization.  *This is a Per Diem position* REQUIRED SKILLS Maintains the safety and security of patients at high risk for safety events. Provides continuous observation and documentation for patients at risk for self-harm, elopement, or injury, as delegated by the RN. These include patients that are suicidal, high fall risk, exhibiting threatening behaviors or experiencing symptoms of dementia or confusion, etc. Under no circumstances is a patient on continuous observation to be left unattended. Visual contact at all times must be maintained. Calls out for assistance and/or utilizes call light for assistance in de-escalating patient and addressing at-risk behaviors. Instructs patient to remain in bed or chair at all times until assistance arrives. Observes and reports unusual conditions and/or change in patient behavior or appearance to the RN. Follows safety checklists as appropriate and assists with ensuring an ongoing safe environment for a patient on continuous observation. Assists with documenting adherence to safety checks as directed by the RN. Enforces adherence to infection prevention precautions for patients, colleagues, and visitors. Follows hospital policies to prevent the transmission of infections. Sets up patient room with appropriate signage and PPE supplies. Observes donning and doffing of PPE for all personnel entering and exiting the patient room. Maintain record of all colleagues entering and exiting the patient room. Assures equipment is cleaned and maintained per policy between patient encounters. Assists with coordinating movement of a COVID-19 positive or presumptive positive patient.   Promotes efficient and effective functioning of the unit/hospital. Complies with established policies, procedures, standards and guidelines. Meets punctuality and attendance expectations. Uses designated lines of communication and authority. Cooperates with all members of the healthcare team. Interacts with patient/visitors and others in a courteous and respectful manner. May serve as an entrance screener or in other safety-related roles as directed by supervisor.   Performs other related work as required or requested. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE Education: GED/high school diploma preferred. Other Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: Interpersonal and communication skills. Attention to detail Ability to follow written and verbal directions.

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