Emergency Department Tech - PT Days

  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Torrance, CA, USA
  • Oct 06, 2021
Technologist Therapy

Job Description

Under the supervision of a RN, the Emergency Department Technician works cooperatively with all team members to provide technical patient care services. The Emergency Department Technician assists nurses and physicians in the performance of their functions. The Emergency Department Technician is responsible for adhering to all standards of care and for promoting teamwork among coworkers. Core Competencies Ensures information reported directly to the MD is communicated to the appropriate RN as soon as possible. Collects and documents data related to the health status of patients and communicates this information to the RN/MD. Collects and documents data obtainable by direct observation, relative to the health problem of the patient. Reports this information directly to the RN/MD as appropriate to patient condition. Organizes observational data so that it is accurate, complete, accessible and remains confidential. Communicates observational data in a timely and orderly manner by recording/updating the patient record, and communicating to RN/MD. Revises information according to change in patients condition. Recognizes gross abnormal findings and reports these immediately to RN/MD including but not limited to: Vital signs that are outside the normal range for age of the patient, deformities and swelling, changes in orientation status, acute changes in breathing patterns and/or pulse oximetry Prepares patient for examinations/treatments and assembles needed equipment, eg: Drapes patients, sets up IVs, obtains pleurovac, prepares for A-line insertion, opens suture set. Performs tasks/procedures as directed: Connects patients to cardiac monitor, records I and O, collects urine, stool and sputum specimens, performs glucose monitor quality control and blood sugar testing, performs dipstick urine quality control, urine dip testing, assists RN/MD with invasive procedures, performs 12-lead EKG, assists with pelvic examination. Performs Flu and Strep point of care testing. Provides health care services in own job category to the following age groups as applicable to job functions and as appropriate in regularly assigned clinical areas: Infancy: birth - 1 year Toddler: 1 year - 3 years Pre-School: 3 years - 6 years School Age: 6 years - 12 years Adolescent: 12 years - 18 years Adulthood: 19 years - 64 years Older Adult: 65 years > Applies warm and cold compresses. Cleans and dresses wounds. Prepares sterile fields. Applies condom catheters. Measures and adjusts crutches -crutch training. Applies slings, ace wraps, splints, restraints. Assists with ambulation. Performs oral suctioning. Tests visual acuity. Transfers oxygen from wall unit to portable unit. Initiates CPR for respiratory and cardiac arrest Assists in the management of combative and potentially dangerous patients and/or visitors Applies restraints and physically holds individuals for patient safety. Transports patients to other areas of hospital via stretcher or wheelchair Completes Patient Belongings Lists on all patients being admitted, or transferred. Gives and receives reports before, during and at the end of shift assigned. Records activities/care/procedures/and patients outcomes. Records I and O, including drainage Records teaching activities. Collects personal belongings. Documents belongings in EMR. Assists patient to wheelchair/stretcher. Accompanies patient to room. Provides patient with call light. Assists patients to car or lobby as necessary. Makes appropriate notations in medical record. Ensures gurneys are in locked position except when transporting. Ensures side rails are in up position as indicated. Assists patients with moving/ambulating as needed. Keeps unit free of hazards/clutter. Uses good hand washing technique. Uses standard precautions. Adheres to isolation policy. Department Specific Competencies Education Degree Program High School Diploma/GED or Higher Education N/A Additional Information Experience Number of Years Experience Type of Experience N/A Additional Information N/A License / Certification Requirements National Registry EMT or LA County EMT or Paramedic