• Campbell County Health
  • Gillette, WY
  • Sep 15, 2021
Per Diem Assistant/Support

Job Description

Works under the supervision of the Clinic Manager and if applicable Front Office Supervisor. Performs detailed, accurate registration and scheduling of all patients to assure smooth workflow and productivity for staff and providers. . Maintains the integrity of the demographic information of the patient, insured, guarantor and insurance company. Displays a broad understanding of clinic function and flow as well as issues relevant to the comfort and care of patient during clinic encounters. PRIMARY JOB DUTIES Ensures superior ongoing patient satisfaction and customer service Is proficient in EHR applications Answers all incoming calls, responds timely and professionally to callers Functions as a central communication source for the clinic, patients, and external sources – screens and routes incoming calls appropriately. Creates appropriate tasks for clinical staff, to achieve timely follow up. Exhibits pleasant interpersonal skills in greeting patients at office and on telephone Accurate interview and registration of new patients as well as updating demographic and insurance information on established patients Accurate input of demographic, guarantor and insurance information into EHR Obtains signature(s) of patient and/or responsible parties on consent, insurance and payment policies and procedures Communicates to the patients the details of consents, filing of insurance, and payment of services. Assists patients in understanding billing and collection of payment. Collects and scans insurance cards or completed insurance forms from patients. Identifies, follows up and secures missing (and incorrect) patient and insured party information for clean claim processing Scheduling patients for office appointments, maintaining parameters of provider schedules and following clinic standards and guidelines Cashier duties including maintaining cash box and daily cash reconciliation Verifies Insurance eligibility for ALL patient appointments 2 days PRIOR to appointment in order to call and obtain updated information from the patient prior to at the minimum upon arrival of their appointment. Collects Co-payments, Co-Insurance amounts, and/or time of service payments at the time of check-in, complete information if self-pay discount was given and forward adjustment form to PFS for processing. Operates all office machines properly Makes appointment reminder calls Destroys confidential information per HIPAA guidelines Secures confidential items nightly, including EHR, paper Medical Records Maintains phone system including message retrieval, and controls day and night mode functions. Cross trained Adheres to CCMH and Campbell County Clinic policies and procedures. Maintains confidentiality of all personnel and patient care and relations information. Actively participates in Strategic Quality Management for the department and organization. Actively participates in Customer/Guest Relations and Mandatory Education programs. Follow hospital and departmental policies and procedures. Must be free from governmental sanctions involving health care and/or financial practices. Complies with the hospital’s Corporate Compliance Program including, but not limited to, the Code of Conduct, laws and regulations, and hospital policies and procedures. Performs other duties as assigned. JOB SPECIFICATIONS Education: High school diploma or GED required. Licensure: None Certifications required: See Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification Policy and Certifications/Education Requirements Policy. Experience: Experience in Healthcare related field preferred Essential Technical/Motor Skills: computer skills prefer experience in Word, and Excel. Interpersonal Skills: Excellent telephone skills. Essential Physical Requirements: As per department Functional Job Descriptions Essential Mental Abilities: Essential Sensory Requirements: Exposure to Hazards: OSHA CATEGORY II. Tasks that involve a potential exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues. Identified job duties do not include a reasonable anticipation for the potential contact with blood or contaminated body fluid but circumstances may occur which may result in the potential for exposure. Use of appropriate protective measures is required for employee (s) engaged in potential exposure situations. Hours of Work: Hours can vary from early morning to evening hours past 8:30pm Monday through Sunday. Employees working in healthcare facilities have the potential to be exposed to hazardous materials including: Hazardous Chemicals/Drugs, Waste Anesthetic Gases, Radiation, Latex, Biological Hazards, Respiratory Hazards and Ergonomic Hazards. See Hazardous Materials in the Workplace Policy.

Employment Type (feed only)

Per Diem