Patient Account Rep 2 - OLG Patient Accounts - Full Time

  • Lafayette General Health
  • Lafayette, LA, USA
  • Aug 11, 2021

Job Description

PATIENT ACCOUNT REP 2 - OLG PATIENT ACCOUNTS - FULL TIME (JOB ID: 5667) Location: 900 BUILDING Employment Status: FT   SUMMARY:  Consistently demonstrates good public relations skills with patients and third parties regarding inquires or collection calls on patient accounts. Communicates with patients and third parties that have not met their obligations to the hospital or subscriber. Main objective: collection of receivables. Also financing of patient accounts per policy (installments). Identifies problem delinquencies and recommends their disposition; prepares and maintains collection-related records. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  1. Reviews current and past due bills and follow-up documents to determine the nature and extent of delinquency problems, and any actions taken by patients or third party payers. Confers with the billing clerks as needed to obtain additional information/clarification or handles re-bills by self.  2. Investigates delinquency cases to identify any special circumstances affecting payment delays and follows up with appropriate parties.  3. Contacts third party payer organizations and/or patients as necessary to facilitate the timely payment of past due charges or arrange alternative settlement plans through phone calls and conversations with walk-in patients.  4. Identifies problem delinquencies and recommends their appropriate disposition (i.e., referral to agency or other legal action, or write-off).  5. Prepares and maintains proper documentation regarding the status and amount of past due accounts, the timing and nature of their disposition and all correspondence and conversations are documented on the collection screens completely and accurately.  6. Arranges payment schedules when necessary according to payment policies.  7. Pull EOB’s to verify discounts, proper payments, and for filing secondary insurance.  8. Assists in reviewing accounts receivable to ensure all discounts are appropriately applied.  9. Each collector reviews, calls, sends correspondence to attempt to collect each account assigned as quickly as possible.  10. Monthly and weekly reports are used adequately to bring all accounts to a close quickly.  11. Documentation of each attempt to collect the account is precise, thorough and timely.  12. Dollar amounts and aging are used to determine priority of accounts worked.  13. Making all calls in a highly professional manner.  14. Making contacts and keeping good relations with all payers.  15. Handling patient calls in a highly professional manner with no valid complaints voiced.  16. Each account assigned is reviewed monthly at minimum.  17. Each account is reviewed to determine appropriate message code for effective collections.  18. Each account needing adjustments are written up daily, approved and submitted for data entry with appropriate signatures.  19. Each account determined to be an installment payout is set up according to policy and documented appropriately in system.  20. Each account determined to be uncollectible will be forwarded to management for review monthly.  21. Collectors assist making additional calls or sending messages on accounts deemed uncollectible prior to placement as bad debt on accounts with large dollar balances and inefficient follow-up, or on special accounts or missed promises.  22. Each collector maintains a log of contact and attempted contacts made daily, for the lead person to review.  EDUCATION/TRAINING/EXPERIENCE:  1. High school graduate or equivalent.  2. One year’s experience in a related field.  3. Three to six month’s on-the-job training.  EQUIPMENT OPERATED:  Computer, Copier/Fax Machine