Security Officer

  • Maple Grove Hospital
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • Aug 07, 2021

Job Description

The Security Officer is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for customers, visitors, team members and medical staff. Actively and consistently demonstrates the mission, vision, values and guiding principles of Maple Grove Hospital. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Conducts tours of the hospital maintaining visibility and assistance to team members, customers, and visitors and ensuring security, and to detect and prevent fire, theft, property damage and unauthorized persons. 2. Escorts customers, visitors and team members to parking lots. 3. Issues and registers after hours visiting passes to visitors entering the hospital through the ECC or Main Entrance. 4. Assists police departments with disruptive persons and crisis customers. 5. Initiates and follows standard operating procedure for disaster and weather incidents as per department protocol. 6. Assists in Aircare customer transport as needed. 7. Removes individuals who exhibit inappropriate behavior, disorderly conduct and/or who pose a threat to team members, customers and visitors from hospital property. 8. Assists nursing team members in maintaining a safe environment through verbal and physical control of confused or disruptive customers. 9. Controls fire incidents until the fire department arrives and serves as a liaison with the fire department. 10. Makes rounds of entire campus to detect and report hazards and takes appropriate, corrective action as indicated by the hazard. 11. Conducts hospital fire drills as scheduled and documents monthly inspections of fire extinguishers. 12. Participates in Emergency Preparedness Drills and other related compliance activities. 13. Enforces the “Tobacco Free” policies. 14. Instructs hospital team members on standard operating procedures for life safety issues, severe weather, external and internal disasters, and personal safety. Acts as a liaison to other hospital departments. 15. Utilizes the security dispatch and report writing system. 16. Documents reports, including details in the event of stolen property, accidents, safety/security violations, fire hazards and violent incidents. 17. Provides assistance to all departments as needed. 18. Removes the deceased from customer rooms to the hospital morgue; assists with removing the deceased from the hospital. Facilitates necessary paperwork for release of bodies and limbs to authorized funeral home or medical examiner. 19. Assists with parking, traffic problems and enforces parking regulations. 20. Procures supplies from Material Management on an emergency basis. 21. Opens non-flammable gas cylinder room for public safety agencies. Documents release of cylinders. Unlocks doors as requested and authorized. 22. Notified Maintenance Department when defects are discovered or reported. 23. Secures cash and receipts from departments as needed. Provides money escorts for various departments. 24. Secures/dispenses customer valuables and accurately logs all valuables accepted/dispensed by the department. 25. Releases organizational keys to authorized persons, e.g. vendors, contractors, etc. 26. Secures/safeguards police officer’s weapons. 27. Secures/safeguards all property noted to be evidence by law enforcement agencies. 28. Scheduled Security Posts: Monitors security systems to include CCTV, panic, elevator, fire, and other alarms; Maintains on-going communications with triage nurse, primary care nurses, and/or administrative designee. 29. Accepts other duties as assigned. 30. Recognizes and complies with legal regulatory accrediting and procedural requirements related to area of responsibility. 31. Understands and follows principles and standards as outlined in Maple Grove Hospital’s Corporate Code of Conduct. 32. Protects patient/employee privacy and only accesses patient/employee related information as needed to perform job duties. 33. Reports violations or areas of concern to supervisor or Corporate Compliance Officer via established methods of communication. Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Employer



Employment Type (feed only)

Casual/On Call