RN - Admissions/Discharge/Transfers

  • Maple Grove Hospital
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • Aug 07, 2021

Job Description

The Registered Nurse (RN) – Admissions/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) is responsible for providing compassionate quality care that is customer and family focused. The RN-ADT works together with other team members to transition customers with speed, accuracy and professional care. The RN-ADT helps to complete admissions to and discharges from the customer unit in collaboration with the RN and customer by gathering and documenting the appropriate data. The ADT RN will seek to understand customer satisfaction scores for the Medical/Surgical Care Center (MSCC) and Intensive Care Center (ICC) and incorporate these into daily practice. The RN-ADT actively and consistently demonstrates the mission, vision, values and guiding principles of Maple Grove Hospital. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Initiates the customer admission process. Ensures there is an admission order and that the following are completed: admission navigator, medication reconciliation process, allergy band applied, pain management assessment, valuables/belongings checklist, Hendrichs II Falls Risk Assessment, initiation of the care plan, and Admission progress note. 2. Assists with customer discharge process in collaboration with the RN. Ensures there is a discharge order and the following are completed: discharge navigator, medication reconciliation process, valuables/belongings checklist, completion of the care plan, customer discharge education, follow up appointments made, and discharge note. 3. Assists with customer transfers in collaboration with the RN. 4. Focuses on customer satisfaction. Understands the results of the customer satisfaction scores and integrates the areas of customer satisfaction needing improvement into interactions with customers and families. 5. Facilitates incoming report from ECC and/or PACU in a timely fashion to minimize delays in transferring from one department to another. 6. Initiates identification and implementation of quality and core measures on admission. 7. Assesses care needs of customers and families utilizing the nursing process; determines nursing diagnosis focused on care and identifies customer outcomes; develops customer care plan and interventions based on evidence/research data; implements the care plan; and initiates customer education plan. 8. Initiates interdisciplinary referrals and partners with customers, families, peers, and other care providers to deliver continuity of customer care. 9. Assists with transport of customers to procedures and/or tests as appropriate and safely. 10. Proficient at starting peripheral IV’s 11. Utilizes the approved method of hand off communication. 12. Assists in other departments as directed by unit leader as needed for customer safety. 13. Evaluates safety, effectiveness, availability, and cost when opting between practice options that will deliver the same customer outcome. 14. Delegates tasks, expectations as defined by the state nurse practice act based on the knowledge, skills and abilities of the designated caregiver. 15. Identifies and responds promptly to emergency situations. 16. Serves as an advocate for customers, families, peers, and other care providers. 17. Evaluates quality and effectiveness of care provided to the customer and promotes quality improvement and shared accountability. Participates in care center based and hospital quality improvement initiatives. 18. Pursues own professional development and supports developmental activities of employees. 19. Participates in orientation, education and development programs for self and others as appropriate. 20. Contributes to the financial effectiveness of the hospital by working within defined budget parameters and providing input to the budget process. 21. Recognizes and complies with legal and procedural requirements related to area of responsibility. 22. Protects customer/employee privacy and only accesses customer/employee related information as needed to perform job duties. 23. Reports areas of concern or potential violations to supervisor or other members of hospital leadership via established methods of communication. 24. Provides direct customer care when necessary based on safety.



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