Acute Registered Nurse- PCC

  • Heart of America Medical Center
  • Rugby, ND
  • Jul 26, 2021

Job Description

Graduation from an accredited nursing program with current ND licensure.  BLS certification required.  Must be able to lift approximately 50 pounds.  If required to use a hospital vehicle, employee must maintain a valid North Dakota driver’s license and maintain insurability with GSHA’s insurance carrier. Summary RESPONSIBILITIES:   I.          Hardwiring Excellence – responsible to know and adhere to evidence based leadership to achieve excellence.             Non-Management & Management Personnel: 1.                  Standards of Behavior: Adheres to HAMC”S Standards of Behavior and shows an effort towards continuous improvement of personal performance in all areas. 2.                  Key Words at Key Times – AIDET: Incorporates AIDET & keywords into daily attitudes and actions. II.        Professional attitude, leadership role and team member abilities.  Maintains a positive professional role throughout the facility and community.             STANDARDS: 1.                  Exhibits a positive professional approach when dealing with the public and demonstrates solution oriented involvement with problems of the facility, staff and patients. 2.                  Shows respect to co-workers by: a.       Being on time for report and completing tasks in a timely manner b.      Focuses on work duties while at work and deals with personal issues/tasks (ie, phone calls and texts) during break time. c.       Informs co-workers if leaving the work area and where your are going. 3.                  Good communication with subordinates and peers 4.                  Shows initiative and follow-through in work projects. 5.                  Values and pursues professional education and self improvement. .   III.       Accountability for Safety             STANDARDS: 1.                  Familiarizes self with and adheres to all facility and department safety policies and procedures. 2.                  Completes all required annual safety training. 3.                  Supports and implements safety into all job responsibilities regarding self, other employees, residents/patients and visitors. 4.                  Reports safety violations (or unsafe observances) to supervisor and/or department head immediately. 5.                  Promotes a culture of safety to improve employee safety.   IV.       Safeguarding the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) in any form including electronic, written or oral.       STANDARDS:             1.         Responsible for safeguarding any PHI or EPHI seen, used or disclosed during this positions normal job functions as stated in the above job responsibilities based on the HIPAA privacy and security  policies and procedures.  (Note-may need to be expanded upon based on the description of job functions)             2.         Responsible to conduct any oral discussions of PHI with other staff or with patients and family members in a manner that limits the possibility of inadvertent disclosures.             3.         Responsible for maintaining strict confidentiality with any unintentional access to PHI whether written, electronic or oral.             4.         Responsible for reporting suspected violations of the safeguarding of PHI or EPHI by any GSHA employee or business associate.             5.         Responsible to ensure the use or disclosure of PHI or EPHI that is not routinely available to this position must be coordinated with the HIPAA Privacy Officer, Security Officer or designees.   VI.       Professionalism/Leadership: STANDARDS: .  a.       Responsible for the management of patient care provided to assigned patients b.      Determines patient classification level as Team Coordinator c.       Communicates and works with nursing personnel in an organized manner while prioritizing and coordinating patient's needs.  Reports concern on patient status to PCC. d.      Maintains communication with patients, families, physicians and nursing personnel.  Follows appropriate lines of authority in communication. e.       Displays and promotes professional behavior, reflecting a positive attitude, promoting cooperation and morale.  Assists with orientation of new staff. f.       Maintains professional confidence concerning patient information. g.       Assists medical staff with rounds and procedures, providing them with accurate data in patient status. h.      Delegates responsibilities to acute staff when appropriate.  Dependably functions as a team member by being punctual and reliable. i.        Is knowledgeable and contributes professionally in CQI as applicable 1. Assists with chart review as assigned 2. Performs discharge calls as assigned and during down time     a. Deals with patient issues noted from the calls, or refers to the appropriate person as necessary     b. Complete discharge call form     c. Assist with data collection from the discharge calls.   2.  Technical Skills       STANDARDS a.       Transcribes and observes physician orders accurately. b.      Functions appropriately within parameters of BLS certification. c.       Assess patient's biological, psychological, social and spiritual status/needs, completing admission assessment record. d.      Administer medications and IV therapy safely and appropriately. e.       Answer call lights promptly. f.       Knowledgeable regarding use of medical equipment and safety factors. g.       Assist with traction set-ups. h.      Manage/provide care for obstetric patients. i.        Provides thorough and appropriate cares to patients of all ages with varying diagnosis admitted to areas of acute care to include:  ER, ICU, Med-Surg, OB, Nursery and Swingbed   3.  Planning/Implementing Patient Care/Documentation:       STANDARDS a.       Initiates patient plan of care by identifying needs of the patient setting goals, and listing methods of intervention utilizing kardex care plans, standards of care and critical pathways. b.      Updates/reviews nursing care plans every 24 hours. c.       Resolves nursing diagnosis by documentation or "pinking out". d.      Provides education to patients verbally with materials and videotape (CCTV), documents education provided. e.       Communicates with other departments regarding their role in meeting the patients needs as it relates to education and discharge planning.  Involves patient and family as necessary.  f.       Completes discharge plan and provides copy to the patient and/or family as appropriate g.       Documents thoroughly and appropriately on the patient record.   4.  Self Improvement       STANDARDS a.       Attends 6 of 12 IDMs or inservices per year b.      Completes Health Care Academy yearly updating self on safety, infection control and back safety c.       Utilizes safety standards throughout the workplace d.      Validates technical skills yearly e.       Attends other mandatory meetings as scheduled f.       Supports all Heart of America Medical Center policies and procedures, maintaining a patient focused emphasis g.       Is knowledgeable of and contributes professionally in CQI as applicable h.      Verifies competencies in geriatrics, pediatrics and neonates quarterly.