Research Analyst

  • UK HealthCare
  • Lexington, KY, USA
  • Jun 11, 2021
Healthcare IT Research

Job Description

The department of Physiology is seeking a Research Analyst whose responsibilities will be to assist a PI in performing a variety of cellular, molecular, or biochemical hands on experiment; upkeep of a mouse colony; and maintenance of an organized laboratory. Daily work activities will require animal care, strong observational skills, cellular, biochemical and molecular biology assays. Other duties include organizing, conducting, analyzing and recording experimental data; cleaning and maintaining all lab glassware and equipment. Mouse colony management and genotyping. Must be able to review laboratory manuals, protocols and techniques making minor modifications as needed. Review results of experiments for reliability by comparing data obtained from previous experiments. Must be proficient in using PowerPoint, excel, and MS Word, and have paid experience in laboratory research and mouse handling.