LVN Hospice - FT Days

  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Torrance, CA, USA
  • Jun 09, 2021
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Job Description

Under the supervision of an RN, the Licensed Vocational Nurse is responsible for providing direct patient care consistent with the Nurse Practice Act. Core Competencies Observes the health status of patients and communicates this information to the RN. Completes those portions of the patient assessment as directed by the RN and as ordered in the physician plan of care: Skin condition, color, temperature Vital signs including pulse location, strength, and regularity Level of consciousness Edema including location and character Color, amount, and character of urine Color, quantity, and character of stools Presence or absence of bowel and breath sounds Collects data from the patient, family, significant others, health care providers, individuals and/or agencies in the community to include but not limited to: Chief complaint History of present illness Allergies Medications taken Past medical history Activities of daily living Perception of illness Personal hygiene Mental status Physical status Collects data by interview, observations, inspection, auscultation, and palpation; reports and records information. Communicates assessment data in an orderly fashion by recording, updating, and communicating among the nursing team; revises information according to patient changes. Contributes to the information and revision of assigned patients care plans. Identifies patient problems, both real and potential Formulates desired outcomes in measurable terms that are specific and consistent with other health team members’ expectations Communicates the above to the Registered Nurse and team members involved in patient care Assists in modifying plan when it needs to deviate from the critical path for patient’s case type. Collaborates with patients, famillies, health care team members and outside doctors' offices to establish of patient care. Participates in Interdisciplinary Team meetings and patient care conference. Implements the patient care plan by providing direct care for those patients assigned and/or in immediate need of care. Performs treatments including but not limited to the following: Gives sitz baths. Applies hot and cold dressings. Applies binders. Gives enemas. Inserts foley catheters and provides catheter care. Performs nasotracheal/nasopharyngeal suctioning. Performs neurological checks. Applies and monitors oxygen. Assists patients with coughing, turning, and deep breathing. Performs aseptic techniques including but not limited to the following activities: Inserts urinary catheters. Performs sterile dressing changes. Performs sterile irrigations. Suctions patients Provides tracheotomy care. Administers medications. States the usual dose, action, and side effects of commonly used drugs. Utilized pharmacist and RN for drug information not provided in unit references. Prepares and administers medications. Follows medication administration schedules according to the patient care plan. Observes patients for response/ reaction to drugs. Instructs patients to ensure outdated medications are discarded. Provides patient comfort and safety. Ensures patient privacy Keeps skin dry, clean and reports any reddened areas Reports pertinent changes in patient condition to RN/MD. Evaluates patient outcomes from care given and effectiveness of problem solving including but not limited to the following activities: Evaluates patients’ responses to treatments, eg cooling measures Evaluates patients’ responses to medications given Evaluates outcomes of re-prioritizing care activities to patients Gives and receives reports before, as appropriate during, and at end of shift assigned. Documents in the patient record all activities. Completes flow sheets as appropriate. Completes documentation using real time charting. Updates patient care plans. Transcribes verbal and telephone orders for review by RN. Department Specific Competencies Attends weekly interdisciplinary conferences with the hospice team to discuss the emotional and physical impact on the hospice patient in order to provide a continuity of care for hospice families. Provides continuous care to hospice patients as determined by the IDG and under the supervision of the RN and according to policies “Responsibilities of continuous care personnel”. Implements the patient care plan by providing direct patient car for those patients assigned including be not limited to the following activities: takes vital signs and notifies RN of any change or abnormal finding. Assist/performs treatment as directed by RN including: enemas, Foley care, wound care and post mortem care. Education Degree Program N/A N/A Additional Information Experience Number of Years Experience Type of Experience 1 At least 1 year experience as a LVN. Additional Information N/A License / Certification Requirements California Licensed Vocational Nurse Drivers license, auto insurance and reliable transportation BCLS or ACLS Certification from the American Heart Association