RN, Obstetrics - FT

  • Evanston Regional Hospital
  • Wyoming, USA
  • Jan 06, 2021
Full Time Nursing

Job Description

Primary Duties & Responsibilities: Perform admitting assessments, review history and develop plan of care. Initiate fetal heart monitor, perform vaginal exams, interpret fetal heart tones and determine frequency duration and intensity of contractions Monitor progress of laboring mothers, interpret fetal heart monitor and notify physician when appropriate for progress or problems. Assist mother and labor coach with breathing exercises, pain management techniques and administer pain medication as ordered. Prepare birthing room for delivery using strict sterile technique Prepare mothers for elective or emergency Cesarean Section Provide emotional support to mother and coach, obtain proper consents and pre-op diagnostic studies and coordinate smooth transfer to surgery Assist physician with initiation of pitocin inductions and monitor progress of labor: mix IV pitocin drips, adjust flow rate or pump according to physician's orders, be alert for abnormalities or problems Document nursing care properly on forms, birth certificates, and computer Assist physician in administering care during labor: artificial rupture of membranes, initiation of internal fetal monitoring or intrauterine pressure catheter, initiation of pitocin drip or other IV medications, sterile vaginal exams or other procedures. Assist anesthesia with the administration of spinal or epidural anesthetic Perform immediate post-delivery care of mother and infant: determine Apgar scores, DeLee suction and bulb suction infants, apply ID bands, weigh and measure infant, administer medications to mother and infant as ordered, assist physician with resuscitation, perform fundal message and monitor vital signs and lochia as needed, promote infant/parent bonding and obtain newborn identification per policy Perform post-partum care and provide patient education to mother: check lochia, episiotomy and fundus, provide instruction in child care, breast feedings and self-care to mother, monitor vital signs per policy, report problems to physician Perform nursery care on infant: operate OB equipment, assess infants and vital signs, assist with circumcision, coordinate stabilization and transfer of unstable infants, perform or assist with all feedings (breast feeding, bottle feeding ) perform cord care, do heal sticks, initiate isolation if indicated. Assess gestational age, give bath, take pictures, and perform hearing screening and any other treatments Administer medications, solutions and treatments per physician's order: Display knowledge of administration and effects of medications used and operate IV/PCA pumps correctly Initiate and maintain IV and oxygen therapy on infants under the direction of a physician Assesses postpartum patients’ physical condition and monitors parameters for both vaginal and cesarean section deliveries through discharge from the hospital Assesses neonates’ physical condition and monitors parameters through discharge from the hospital Manages pain control needs for postpartum patients and newborns Develop, implement and evaluate an individualized and specific discharge plan of care based on an assessment of the patient and family/significant other’s needs Promotes a philosophy of maternal/infant care that advocates breastfeeding and supports the normal physiological functions involved in the establishment of this maternal/infant process Assesses for and in collaboration with the medical staff, stabilizes and evaluates effectiveness of interventions for obstetrical/medical complications such as: postpartum hemorrhage; pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH); diabetes; thermoregulation of the newborn; hypoglycemia of the newborn; and, hyperbilirubinemia Engages in the development of a caring environment for grieving families Admit and care for post-surgical patients. Monitor and assess per post-anesthesia protocol Float and assist with care for Medical-Surgical and ER patients as needed Perform discharge teaching for all patients Participate in educational activities for the department Participate in intra- and interdepartmental committee activities Prepare and process requisitions for housekeeping, maintenance and general supply needs and ensure adequate par levels are maintained. Notify appropriate department(s) for repairs Complete mandatory in-services/competencies during specified times. Skills & Abilities: Show up for work as scheduled Demonstrate honesty & integrity Technical, clerical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills relevant to total patient care/area in order to safely and efficiently treat patients Good verbal and written communication skills in order to be clearly and easily understood by patients, families and members of the Health Care team Ability to write/print legibly in order to document accurately and understandably, and to provide direction to support staff and others Exhibit a pleasant, helpful and caring demeanor in order to be an effective patient advocate Demonstrate good organizational skills Demonstrate positive working relationships with all health care customers. Ability to function with an awareness and application of safety issues as identified within the institution. Education, Licenses/Certifications, and Experience: Registered Nurse (RN) who has successfully graduated from an accredited School of Nursing and possesses a current license to practice in the state of Wyoming. Must have current BLS, ACLS, and NRP certifications or be willing to become licensed within 6 months of hire. Prefer 1 year Medical Surgical, ICU, ER,  Nursery or Postpartum experience Schedule: 36 hours per week, 12-hour shifts (days & nights) Qualifications Behaviors Required Team Player: Works well as a member of a group Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well Motivations Required Self-Starter: Inspired to perform without outside help Flexibility: Inspired to perform well when granted the ability to set your own schedule and goals Ability to Make an Impact: Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization Education Required Associates or better in Nursing. Experience Required 1 year: 1 year Medical Surgical, ICU, ER, Nursery or Postpartum experience preferred. Licenses & Certifications Required C-ACI-ACLS C-ACLS Instit-NRP C-ACLS Instit-PALS C-AWHONN-Adv Fet Mon

Employment Type

Full Time