• St. Bernards Healthcare
  • Jonesboro, AR
  • Jan 05, 2021
Full Time Assistant/Support

Job Description

High School diploma or equivalent. Associates degree in Electronics and/or Electricity, or Trade School equivalent and/or 5 years of experience in similar field. Must have current HVAC and Boiler’s License. Must have current Driver’s License and proof of insurance. Experience Must possess three years experience in Maintenance of same or similar equipment Must be able to understand engineering specifications and be able to read blueprints, both electrical and mechanical. Must have computer knowledge. Physical This is a safety sensitive position. Please see the St. Bernards Substance Abuse Policy for further information. Occasional sitting, squatting. Frequent walking, standing, twisting. Lifting/carrying 50 lbs or more. Pushing up to 300 lbs. Must be able to see with corrective eye wear. Must be able to hear clearly with assistance. Outside temperatures on grounds, roof of building and in ceiling area. Inside temperature of walk-in freezer and refrigerator. JOB SUMMARY Works under the supervision of the Plant Operations Director and is responsible for the daily maintenance of the building, grounds, fixed and mobile equipment. To oversee and operate an ongoing preventative maintenance program on all equipment in the facility. To train and educate personnel using this equipment in the facility. To train and educate personnel using this equipment in proper and safe operation. To carry out the daily duties of the Plant Operation Director’s duties in his absence.


Day Shift

Employment Type

Full Time