• Carolinas HealthCare System - Blue Ridge
  • Morganton, NC 28655, USA
  • Jan 05, 2021
PRN Assistant/Support

Job Description

The Medical Interpreter is responsible for accurate oral interpretation and written translation with an emphasis on medically related communication between the limited English proficient (LEP) speaker and the healthcare team. The interpreter must be sensitive to cultural perception and use language appropriate to the educational and linguistic sophistication of both the client and the healthcare provider. Communicates with clarity so that all involved will have full understanding, rendering a complete and accurate interpretation.  Follows ethical codes that protect the confidentiality of information and compliance with HIPAA.  Has the ability to remain impartial and confined to the role of interpreting.  Maintains professional conduct at all times and is culturally sensitive.    QUALIFICATIONS:  Education:      High school graduate; college preferred. Experience:     Three years’ experience interpreting/translating the appropriate language into/from English OR anY equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.  Experience in the health care setting is preferred.   License/Registration:  For Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a North Carolina license is required.  RID certification is desirable. Essential Functions: Coordinates and responds to requests for interpretation and translation services in the health care setting. Interprets information regarding the patient's and family’s medical needs. This may include consent for treatment, history and physical assessment, treatment recommendations, patient education, instructions for follow-up and future appointments. Interprets as accurately and directly as possible given the idiomatic differences of languages, and maintains the spirit of the original communication, suspending judgment and making no comment. The interpreter will make every effort to ensure the patient and the healthcare provider understands questions, answers, instructions, and other information transmitted by the speaker. Assists health care providers in understanding the patient’s culture, especially as it relates to health service interactions. This includes nonverbal communications, health practices, and social relationships. Strive to develop a relationship of trust and respect at all times with the patient by adopting a caring, attentive, but discreet and impartial attitude toward the patient, and his/her questions, concerns, and needs. The interpreter will sign and abide by the Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge “Code of Conduct” for Interpreters. He/she will follow privacy standards at all times. Translate basic written information as needed by clinical staff using accepted policy and procedures as requested. This may include discharge instructions. Responsible to promote a safe environment and perform all work related responsibilities in a safe manner. Responsible for all other duties as assigned. Other:   Knowledge of medical terminology and/or work experience in a healthcare setting is preferred. The individual must have demonstrated oral fluency and written skills in English and foreign language by successful completion of CHS Language Assessment. TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Frequent walking, standing, sitting.  Hearing and vision within functional limits.  Occasional bending, stooping.  Manual dexterity.  TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Requires working under stressful conditions and working irregular hours, possible exposure to communicable diseases and bodily fluids, toxic substances, ionizing radiation, medicinal preparations and other conditions common to a hospital environment.


Flexible to work any shift

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