• The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Bethany, OK, USA
  • Jan 05, 2021
Nursing Technician

Job Description

Nurse Tech Occ status Provides basic nursing care to assigned patients. After evaluation of competency, the Nurse Technician/Practical Nurse Technician may perform all duties of a nursing assistant, as well as other technical skills which have been learned in a nursing education program. The Nurse Technician/Practical Nurse Technician may not administer medication, perform assessments, act in a supervisory position, take verbal orders from the physician or other health care provider, or develop the plan of care. Performs duties and responsibilities under the supervision of an RN and in a manner consistent with The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Standards. Education: Current enrollment in a program of registered nursing or between terms/semesters or 2. Has completed a program of registered nursing and has applied to write the licensure examination. The graduate may continue to be employed in a Nurse Technician role until licensed in any state, territory, or country, provided that the first licensure examination is taken within 90 days after graduation and the examination is passed within 6 months of graduation, on either the first or second attempt. Experience: No previous experience required; at least one year experience in healthcare is preferred. Licenses/Certifications: Copy of current Skills Checklist from school. Written recommendation or reference check from a current faculty member. Transcript up to current semester to verify enrollment.

Employment Type