• Forrest Health
  • Hattiesburg, MS, USA
  • Jul 22, 2020

Job Description

Collects and handles clinical specimens. Performs therapeutic and diagnostic laboratory test procedures, operates laboratory equipment, report results, and perform other duties as assigned. Participates in quality management and accreditation activities. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served. Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development and is able to identify each patient's requirements relative to his/her age specific needs. Has knowledge of age, gender specific refenence ranges and uses that knowledge in the performance and verification of patient test results Performance Expectations: Performance expectations will be covered in the orientation and precepted phases of your orientation of your job. Demonstrate the ability to use various computer programs in addition to the EMR system Demonstrate the ability to multitask within and between laboratory sections Demonstrate critical thinking abilities as it pertains to evaluating test results Demonstrate the ability to operate and maintain various pieces of laboratory equipment. Demonstrate the ability to microscopically identify hematology cell lines, cell inclusions, and body fluid components. Demonstrate the ability to microscopically identify yeast, parasites, and differentiate gram positive / gram negative bacteria Demonstrate the ability to perform manual test procedures Demonstrates the ability to perform serological testing for blood types, crossmatch and prepare blood products. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with others in an appropriate and timely manner. Adheres to and promotes established values of the organization, i.e. customer service, safety, infection control, and compliance standards. Demonstrate consistency in following FGH policy, procedures, and standards of care in performing all duties. Demonstrate participation in department meetings and education/training and meets the established deadlines for completion. Demonstrate the ability to maintain a safe and clean environment within the clinical area in accordance with established standards and regulations. Demonstrate critical thinking skills and uses professional judgment. Demonstrate the ability to adhere to all work policies and work independently with minimal supervision in making clinical decisions in an orderly and functional manner in a challenging environment. Education/Skills B.S. in medical technology (aka Medical Laboratory Science) or equivalent required. Work Experience: None required Certification/Licensure: MLS (ASCP), or eligible for same or equivalent credentials required.

Employment Type

Full Time