Manager, Hall Radiation Center & Cancer Support Services

  • Mercy Cedar Rapids
  • Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
  • Jun 30, 2020
Medical Imaging

Job Description

This position supports Mercy's philosophy of patient centered care by providing administrative direction and coordination for all services provided through the Radiation Center and Cancer Support Services (Research, Genetics, Social Work, Nutrition, Nurse Navigation, Cancer Registry). The manager is responsible for developing and overseeing the departmental budget and business plan.     Leadership Competencies Leading Formulates a future course that reflects departmental needs and is aligned with Mercy's vision. Translates the course into team goals and objectives, sets priorities, and directs the efforts of staff towards accomplishing them. Recognizes and acts on opportunities for growth and improvement to advance Mercy's goals. Inspires staff enthusiasm for and generates commitment to departmental and organizational goals. Standards and Accountability Holds team and self responsible for maintaining the highest possible performance standards and meeting agreed upon commitments. Sets and maintains high standards for service to patients, physicians, colleagues, and other Mercy departments. Incorporates needs and concerns of diverse constituencies into decision making. Planning and Decision Making Analyzes problems systematically and logically and is resourceful when developing and implementing solutions. Applies key financial concepts and analysis to decision making. Understands drivers of financial performance and takes these into account when developing strategies and making decisions. Develops and implements work plans with actionable components and measurable outcomes. Proactively monitors key performance indicators and makes real-time adjustments to ensure that progress stays on track. Regularly reassesses priorities and competing demands and adjusts allocation of own and staff time and resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Communication Articulates logical and well-founded arguments that support conclusions. Matches communication style to the message and audience. Actively solicits opinions from others. Routinely provides others with the information they need to do their jobs. Routinely shares suggestions, advice, and insights on progress toward goals. Provides performance feedback that is constructive and actionable, and that highlights successes as well as areas for growth based on objective metrics. Developing People Selects and attracts outstanding staff from diverse backgrounds. Identifies and fills gaps in team skills and knowledge. Defines development objectives for self and staff that support performance goals and progress toward future skill development. Assists staff in developing their own careers by encouraging them to articulate their career goals, offering challenging growth opportunities, and providing necessary coaching and training. Managing Relationships Builds and maintains long-term relationships with others based on mutual respect and trust. Fosters cooperation and collaborative decision-making among staff with diverse backgrounds and interests. When conflict arises, works effectively towards solutions and compromises that take the needs of all parties into account. Provides regular updates on goal progress and works with own manager to minimize risks and resolve problems.     Job Duties Oversees daily operations of Hall Radiation and Medical Cancer Support. Manages department budgets and submits capital budget requests. Participates and builds business plan for departments and programs. Plays a lead role in the Commission on Cancer standard compliance and assures preparedness for accreditation and site visit for Commission on Cancer. Develop collaborative relationships with medical directors, physicians, and managers practicing in the Hall Perrine Cancer Center. Responsible for and provides collaborative direction and supervision to cancer support groups, cancer outreach services, multidisciplinary clinics, high risk cancer and genetics clinic. Support conferences for professionals and community. Serves as HPCC Quality Chairperson or provides direction and support. Works in collaboration with leadership to identify quality goals and outreach needs for the cancer center. Coordinate and collaborate with multiple departments within the MMC and community by developing collaborative relationships with Medical directors, physicians, and managers. Ensures cancer registry team and data collection are CoC compliant. Facilitates Radiation Safety, Iowa state regulations, and ACRO accreditation. Ensures the supportive services are providing high values to HPCC. Follows Mercy's safety guidelines, carries out job- specific safety duties and responsibilities, and promptly reports any unsafe conditions, situations, incidents and injuries. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Possesses strong leadership capability, a sound background and understanding of the principles and procedures involved in providing radiation therapy services. Must demonstrate the ability to provide safe and effective care to the patients service.  The manager must have a sound knowledge of radiation safety standards and demonstrate expertise as an educator and leader. Prior experience in and an understanding of budgetary considerations and radiation billing Professional Experience Three years of broad leadership experience in radiation therapy preferred. Computer experience required. Oncology experience required. Education Bachelor's degree in Allied Health, Business Administration or related field required. Certification in an allied health profession preferred, RTT strongly preferred. Licensure, Certification, Registration Professional licensure as required by the state of Iowa. Iowa Dependent Adult Abuse Mandatory Reporter training required.  Employee must submit certification of completed training to Human Resources prior to start or transfer date.

Employment Type

Full Time