Activities Coordinator (FT) PACE

  • Valir Health
  • Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  • May 07, 2020

Job Description

Under the supervision and/or direction of the PACE Program Director, performs various duties assisting in the activities and engagement of participants in accordance with the established methods and procedures of Valir PACE Qualifications POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Licenses or Certifications:  CPR Certification, Activities Director Training   Total Education, Vocation Training, and Experience:  High School Graduate or equivalent preferred.  One (1) year experience working with a frail, elderly population.   Skills and Abilities: Ability to seek assistance as needed; Ability to understand and follow through with directions given related to participant care; Ability to interact in a positive manner and to communicate well with participants, families, co-workers, supervisor, and other PACE employees.   PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION: Position has Limited Access to Protected Health Information of participants on caseload.   Proficiency or Productivity Standards: Organize and prioritize tasks and projects Accurately complete job responsibilities within the specified time constraints to meet the needs of participants, regulatory standards and customer satisfaction   Physical ReQUIREMENTS: ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Ability to speak, hear, and read English Ability to discern temperature, texture, size, and shape “Exceptional attendance is a requirement in order to fulfill role expectations.” Job performance can affect the safety of employee and others thus the job is considered safety sensitive   CRITICAL DEMANDS: Lift up to 100#  from floor to 19” and 19” to 25”(Occasional)                           Stand(Constant) Walk up to .25 mile(Frequent)                                                                                  Sit(Occasional) Sustained Forward bending in standing(Occasional)                                            Sustained squat(Occasional)                                                                    Kneeling(Occasional)                                                                                                Push/Pull up to  100# of force at 36”(Frequent)                                       Repetitive squat(Occasional)                                                                                    Full body range of motion(Constant)                                    Grasp of various sizes and weights up to 50#(Constant)                                                    Front Carry – two handed carry of 25# up to 20 feet(Occasional) Balance(Continuous) In walking, standing, carrying, moving patients, and equipment, etc                          ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Indoor climate-controlled environment.  Participant care environment with potential exposure to unpleasant odors, to blood and body fluids which may carry infection to infectious disease, and to chemical and electrical hazards.  Occasional travel with exposure to outdoors elements   Working Conditions: Potential hazards include: Exposure to None Some Frequent Very Frequent Exposure to None Some Frequent Very Frequent * toxic/caustic chemicals   X     *blood or body fluids     X   *extreme conditions, hot or cold X       *communicable diseases     X   *dust/fumes/gases (including asbestos) X       *unprotected heights X       *moving mechanical parts   X     *CRT (computer) monitor   X     *potential electric shock   X        *frequent, repetitive motions   X     *x-ray electro-magnetic energy   X     *Other (as listed)         *high pitched noises X                    *needles or other sharp objects   X                  MACHINES/EQUIPMENT USED Office equipment such as computer, FAX, telephone, copier, calculator, etc. Assumes responsibility for equipment, inventory, safety, and security of assigned facilities.