• Liberty Regional Medical Center
  • Hinesville, GA 31313
  • Jan 05, 2021
Full Time Dietary & Nutrition

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY This position is for a Cook whose responsibility is to prepare well-balanced and nutritious menu items. The position reports to the Director of Nutrition Services. JOB QUALIFICATIONS 1. Minimum level of Education:  Education level equivalent to completion of four (4) years of high school preferred.  2. Formal Training:  Must possess the ability to count, speak, read, and comprehend the English language. 3. Licensure, Certifications & Registration:  None required. 4. Work Experience:  Minimum of three (3) to five (5) years experience in healthcare food service. STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE 1. Contributes to planning daily menu items, along with Director and Supervisor. 2. Plans cooking schedule of menu items. 3. Selects amounts of foods to be cooked, according to menu, patient census and expected number of cafeteria customers. 4. Correctly prepares food for cooking, to include peeling washing and trimming. 5. Checks ahead on the menu and properly thaws meats. 6. Prepares all food according to recipes using sanitary procedures. 7. Tests foods for taste, smell and appearance. 8. Assembles items on food line and serves customers during meal time. 9. Serves as a communication link between the kitchen and cafeteria during meal time. 10. Works with nutrition service worker to prepare trays and serve food in cafeteria as needed. 11. Delivers patient trays to nursing units as needed. 12. Labels, dates and properly stores all left over food items and plans use of leftovers within twenty-four hours, disposing of all out of date food items. 13. Washes, rinses and sanitizes all pots, pans, dishes utensils, equipment and work surfaces used during shift. 14. Monitors condition of oil in fryer, replaces when needed and cleans fryer. 15. Maintains working area in a clean, sanitary, and orderly condition. 16. Mops kitchen floor, using appropriate cleaning solutions. 17. Operates cash register, prepares daily receipt for bookkeeper and verifies that proper amount of money remains in cash register drawer

Employment Type (feed only)

Full Time