Security Officer NEW

  • St. John's Medical Center
  • Jackson, WY, USA
  • Feb 14, 2020

Job Description

Patrols the campus of SJMC to ensure the continuous maintenance of a safe and secure environment for patients, guests and staff in all types of climatic conditions. Transports patients to and from nursing and diagnostic units as assigned in a timely and safe manner. Assists staff in controlling patients as needed at the direction of medical staff. Investigates incidents relating to safety and security and involves local law enforcement where appropriate. Contacts Jackson Law Enforcement when appropriate and works closely with responding officers in resolving problems. On request, escorts patients, staff and guests to and from the parking lots. Enforces parking regulation on property. Performs minor facility maintenance and/or notifies maintenance staff of maintenance situations. Prepares daily written reports factually and concisely and submits them to supervisors. Follows HIPAA guidelines in dealing with patient identity and information. Makes recommendations to supervisors for improving the security and safety of persons on campus. Assures that buildings are properly locked and then opened at designated times. Assist with the takedown of out of control individuals as needed. Ability to assist when needed for the application of restraints when ordered. (The security officer will not apply restraints, however, could be asked to assist. Restraints must be applied by clinical personnel.) Preventive maintenance on fire systems as assigned. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Patrols the campus of facility to ensure the continuous maintenance of a safe environment. Patrols all structures, grounds and parking areas of facility in all types of climatic conditions. Transports patients to and from nursing and diagnostic units as assigned in a timely and safe manner. Performs a variety of enforcement activities on campus. Apprehends persons involved in breaches of the law on campus. File and complete criminal complaints on behalf of facility. Follows procedures outlined in A.R.S Title 13-3884 regarding “Arrest by Private Persons.” Observes surroundings, keeping party in sight at all times. Escorts patients, visitors and employees to and from parking areas as needed. Ensures subject’s vehicle starts or entrance of building is safely reached. Restrains violent patients under the direction of health care professional. Investigates incidents relating to safety and security. Prepares daily written reports factually and concisely. Provides traffic control and parking enforcement. Prevents unauthorized parking. Issues parking violation notices. Performs minor facility maintenance as assigned. Assigned preventive maintenance on fire systems. Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Education Completion of CPI Training or other de-escalation training as recommended by facility (must attend first available class following hire date). Valid Wyoming Driver's License. Minimum Work Experience Technical training, completion of a formal program related to law enforcement and/or security or equivalent experience is preferred. 5 years related work experience preferred. FUNCTIONAL DEMANDS Working Conditions Healthcare Facility, inclement weather, Stressful Situations. Physical Requirements Sitting, standing / walking, crouching (bending at the knees), kneeling / (crawling), stooping (bend at waist), twisting (knees, waist, back), climbing, balancing, leg / foot use, reaching (overhead / extension), grasping, pushing, pulling, talking in person, talking on the phone, hearing in person, hearing on the phone, vision – near, vision – distance, vision – color, sense of smell, highly repetitive work, attention to detail, work indoors, work outdoors, potential exposure to blood or infectious materials, required personal safety apparel and / or devices, exposures to: fumes, chemicals, vibration, humidity, cold, heat, dust, noise, lifting or carrying demands. Direct Reports None Reports to Director of Facilities


10 hour shifts