• Cape Cod Healthcare
  • Hyannis, Barnstable, MA 02601, USA
  • Feb 12, 2020
Medical Imaging

Job Description

Perform radiographic procedures and assist radiologist in conducting diagnostic examinations requested by physicians to detect any breast abnormalities or breast cancer by applying radiation to patients taking and developing radiographic film in a manner consistent with prescribed radiation protection safety standards   Description:   Assures that diagnostic radiographic/mammographic and stereotactic equipment/devices are operable, assuring MSQA compliance by completing all necessary quality assurance checks, and maintaining accurate documentation. Prepares exam rooms with necessary radiographic/mammographic and stereotactic equipment/devices and appropriate patient supplies  Receives and reviews requisitions, and radiologists last dictated report, thoroughly determining the ordered radiological exams while assuring previous films are available to complete radiological interpretation. Provide any necessary requisition changes to secretarial staff for accurate billing or inform file clerk if previous films are unavailable for retrieval.  Consult with radiologist, as needed for any clarification of ordered radiological exams based upon last dictated report or current history. Provides patient with explanation of the radiologic exam to be performed and assure patient education (ie: welcome fact sheet) has been read and signed. Provide patient education on process for SCREENING mammograms results versus DIAGNOSTIC mammogram process and results.  Assure that required PATIENT HISTORY form is completed. Clarify any   patient history to assure accuracy, with Mammographer and patient signing history sheet. Refer patient to nurse practitioner if patient history identifies any NEW BREAST SYMPTOMS or if there has been no physical breast exam in the LASTyear. Breast exam will be performed by NP/MD with instructions of imaging exams necessary for complete work-up.                                       Assumes care for physical and psychological needs of patients during examinations and procedures to insure safety and comfort while preparing for and while undergoing radiographic/mammographic procedures.  Applies principles of radiographic protection using beam restriction devices, patient shielding skills, and knowledge of applicable exposure factors, to minimize radiation to patients and staff.  Performs diagnostic radiographic/mammographic/stereotactic procedures,safely operating equipment/devices specializing in the screening and  diagnosing of breast abnormalities and breast cancer.   move radiologic equipment into specified position, with adjustment of controls to set exposure factors and process radiographs using appropriate safety precautions necessary to produce quality mammograms assure proper identification by accurate labeling of all film and views.                                                                follow established policies/procedures set by the American College of Radiology and MSQA for breast imaging and procedures.                   Coordinate work to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency using and or modifying established procedures, to assure timely completion of work  in conformance with Center policies and procedures.   Evaluate mammogram films for technical quality.   Maintain adequate radiology records and label all mammogram films to assure proper identification.  Maintain a thorough knowledge of Center policies and procedures as they pertain to the job. Including the fire plan. Comply with Infection Control policies and procedures.  Participates in activities which promote professional self-growth and development; meeting minimum requirements for continuing  education as directed by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and Massachusetts State Licensing for Mammography.  Maintain an ethical relationship with patients, physicians, personnel and guests and insure patient confidentiality at all times.  Perform other work related duties as assigned or requested. Consistently provides service excellence to all patients, family members, visitors, volunteers and co-workers in a manner that reflects Cape Cod Hospital’s commitment to CARES: compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and service.


High school graduate or equivalent; Graduate of Accredited Radiography program, Certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists; Valid Massachusetts State License for Radiography and Mammography.     *To qualify for this classification, a worker must be able to reasonably perform all the duties of a mammographer and radiographer at the Breast Care Center.   **Workers at the Breast Care Center in the Radiology Tech (Grade 15A) classification will automatically be placed in the Mammographer job classification once they have become proficient in the duties of a mammographer (i.e., able to perform duties without direct supervision).

Employment Type