Medical Technician (MT) (PRN)

  • National Park Medical Center
  • Hot Springs, AR
  • Jan 05, 2021
Laboratory Technician

Job Description

OSHA RISK FACTOR: CATEGORY I   PHYSICAL DEMANDS: 1.      Medium work of lifting up to 50 pounds and / or carrying objects weighing up to 25 lbs. 2.      Responsible for lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling objects. WORKING CONDITIONS:   1.      Frequent contact with water because of hand washing. 2.      Sufficient noise and interruptions to cause distraction and stress. 3.      Hazardous working conditions in which individual may be exposed to a risk of bodily  injury through contact with moving instrumentation, chemicals, and / or fluids. APTITUDES: 1.      Intelligence - understands instructions, reason and make judgments.   High 2.      Verbal - Understand meaning of words, ideas associated with them and effective use. High. 3.      Numerical - Perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately.   High. 4.      Spatial - Understand forms in space and understands relationships of plane and solid objects. Low. 5.      Form perception - Perceive pertinent details and objects in pictorial or graphic material. Low. 6.      Clerical perception - perceive pertinent details and verbal or tabular material. Low. 7.      Motor coordination - Coordinate eyes and hands to fingers rapidly and accurately. Moderate. 8.      Finger dexterity - Move fingers easily and skillfully.   Moderate. 9.      Manual dexterity - Move hands easily and skillfully. Low 10.   Eye, hand, foot coordination - Move hand and feet coordinately. Low 11.   Color discrimination - Perceive similarities and differences in color. Very High.    METHODS OF EVALUATION:   1.      Observation of work performance. 2.      Review of attendance and tardiness records. 3.      Review of training, competency, and continuing education records. Qualifications Education Required Associates or better in Medical Technology. Experience Preferred 1-2 year experience working in medical office environment and/or 2-3 years of customer service experience. Licenses & Certifications Preferred Amrcan Soc Clinial Path Medical Lab Tech

Employment Type