• Capital Medical Center
  • Olympia, WA
  • Jan 05, 2021
Assistant/Support Nursing

Job Description

Assists in providing basic care under the supervision of a Registered or Licensed Professional Nurse for a group of patients for a designated time frame. Follows policies and procedures of Capital Medical Center to provide patient care activities and related non-professional services in caring for personal needs and comfort of patients and families. Recognizes and reports patient needs to create a safe and comfortable patient care environment.


1. Ability to meet minimum hospital hiring standards. 2. WA Nursing Assistant certification 3. AHA Healthcare BLS 4. Health Care Assistant certification (HCA) within 6 months of hire 5. Completion of cardiac rhythm interpretation course within 90 days of hire Essential Job Functions*: 1. Recognizes and informs appropriate licensed staff of signs and symptoms of complications or change in status per department and hospital policies. 2. Maintains all telemetry cardiac monitoring equipment making sure all parts are in working order. Reports all equipment issues to BioMed through their equipment reporting system. 3. Continuously monitors patients cardiac and respiratory signals maintaining clear signal reception. 4. Identifies and reports all changes in patient rhythm and life threatening arythmias immediately to the bedside nurse. 5. Prints and reviews all patient rhythms per hospital documentation standards. 6. Identifies and resolves electro-cardio-graphic signal errors immediately with notification fo bedside staff. 7. Mentors new staff in the proper use of cardiac monitoring equipment and review of cardiac monitoring hospital policy. 8. Prioratizes care of their patients appropriatly. 9. Contributes to a safe and healthy work environment by removing hazards, keeping unit/work area neat and orderly, and identifying/reporting potential patient/staff safety issues. 10. Participates in organization-wide and department activities to help assure and improve patient comfort, safety, and care. 11. Considers factors related to safety, effectiveness, cost, and impact on practice in the planning and delivery of nursing services. 12. Maintains compliance with regulatory requirements, including all state, joint commission, and federal regulations in area of practice, including National Patient Safety Goals and Core Measures. 13. Addresses the needs of the patient/family in a prompt and caring manner.Consistently performs hourly rounding on all assigned patients. 14. Understands and uses and set-up of cardiac monitoring equipment and maintains electronic signal for continuous monitoring andrecording. Responds to life threatening situations and rhythms appropriately. 15. Documents thoroughly, following regulatory and hospital requirements, assuring timelines, accuracy and completeness. Consistently documents on each patient per policy and department expectations. 16. Accepts personal accountability for own professional development. Assumes the responsibility for clinical competency and professional development. Contributes to the professional development of peers / colleagues and others. Actively seeks knowledge and skills appropriate to the practice setting.  Since it is difficult to identify all essential functions of a job because of changes in the workplace, this job description will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date

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