• Capital Medical Center
  • Olympia, WA
  • Jan 05, 2021

Job Description

The Housekeeper is responsible for providing the highest quality of housekeeping services to the hospital. The Housekeeper strives to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for patients, visitors, and staff by utilizing available resources and approved housekeeping techniques, such as a 7-step method. Position Qualifications: 1. Ability to meet minimum hospital hiring standards. 2. High school or equivalent education. Essential Job Functions*: 1. Maintains a clean and safe working environment, including the cleanliness of carts, closets and janitorial equipment. 2. Is responsible to keep the daily assigned area (whether is be clinical or ancillary) up to the cleaning and safety standards. Checklists are provider for guidance and are required to be completed daily. 3. Transports soiled linen, trash, and medical waste/biohazard separately, from all areas to the designated holding area. Also must keep holding areas locked when not in use. 4. Performs the essential cleaning duties ton include: vacuuming, dust mopping, wet mopping, dusting, empties trash, clean windows, clean walls, ceilings, lights, cleans furniture, stocks consumables and any other cleaning task that may be assigned. 5. Informs director or lead of any operational issues such as staffing changes, work performance, and supplies etc. 6. Is knowledgeable of the content of chemicals and the MSDS manual. 7. Actively participates in team building activities such as daily stretch, daily huddle and any scheduled staff meetings. 8. Maintains flexibility as job functions and duties may change depending on the housekeeping needs of the hospital. Essential Physical, Mental and/or Environmental Working Conditions: 1. Must be able to meet the physical/mental demands of position with or without accommodation. See checklist (page 2) for specific physical, mental and environmental working conditions. 2. Must be able to utilize good judgment, demonstrate patience, and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. 3. Must be able to work in a busy and stressful environment. 4. This position has the potential for placing the employee at risk for occupational exposure. Definition of occupational exposure: any reasonable anticipated eye, skin, mucus membrane, or potential contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials that may result from the performance of an employee’s duties.  Since it is difficult to identify all essential functions of a job because of changes in the workplace, this job description will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.


1. Ability to meet minimum hospital hiring standards. 2. High school or equivalent education.

Employment Type (feed only)

PRN (On-call)