Diagnostic Sonographer

  • Willapa Harbor Hospital
  • South Bend, WA
  • Aug 06, 2021
Part Time Medical Imaging Physician & Surgeon

Job Description

GENERAL FUNCTION: Responsible for performing all routine diagnostic ultrasound examinations, color Doppler studies, thoracentesis, Paracentesis, needle biopsy, renal biopsy.
Be available for standby and call back on a routine basis (there is an hour response time for Ultrasound call-in.)
Prepares patient for examination and selects appropriate instrumentation in order to evaluate the body part using high frequency sound waves. During the course of the exam, images are analyzed for diagnostic value and further views that may be necessary to support the initial findings may be obtained.   Anatomic and physiologic data is then recorded to support the diagnostic observations. The data is compiled and presented to the Radiologist for final evaluation.



Must be ARDMS and/or RCVT certified

Washington State Licensed

Ability to work with minimum supervision