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CEO's Message:
For most of our lives, we have been encouraged to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and avoid harmful drugs that diminish our health. I remember my parents, grandparents, physical education teacher, and many others encouraging me to be healthy. Even Nancy Reagan stated, "Just say no!" when referring to harmful substances. 
For many years, we have understood the value of preventative care. It is easier and more likely to overcome different disease states when your primary care physician learns about them early. With this in mind, it is important for each us of to choose to be healthy and more involved in our own care. Washington County Hospital and Clinics (WCHC) is committed to helping you take control of your own health by providing education classes, preventative screenings, and access to primary and specialty physicians. 
WCHC has also taken the initiative to help you take control of your health by introducing new services including the Fresh Start Weight Loss Program and the Chronic Disease Clinic, already seeing patients with diabetes, heart failure, and soon to add chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and hypertension. These programs help you take control of your health and wellness through education, monitoring, and management of your condition. We will continue to introduce new services at WCHC in efforts to help patients stay healthy, avoid or delay the onset of chronic disease, and lead productive lives. Talk with your physician about your needs, and choose a course of action that is best for you. 
Whether or not you have a chronic disease, we can all find ways to live healthier. I try to lead by example by remaining active and eating right and I encourage you to do the same. 
May we all choose to make small changes in our own lives for a healthier community. 
Dennis Hunger 
Washington County Hospital and Clinics