Uphams Corner Health Center

500 Columbia Road
Dorchester, Ma 02125
(617) 287-8000


The Upham's Corner Health Center is organized to provide comprehensive, personalized and continuous health services. The goal of the health center is to provide each patient with primary care in comfort and convenience. Each registered patient is assigned a personal primary care physician. The personal physician provides the ongoing care, coordinates specialty services and inpatient care as required by the patient.

The health center physicians follow patients in need of hospitalization and participates in treating them in the hospital setting. Boston Medical Center provides the major hospital support for specialty consultation and inpatient care. UCHC's medical records and communication flow are maintained between the health center and hospitals. Medical records are filed by family to facilitate family-centered coordination of services.


1981 - The Dental Department continued to expand with the donation of two complete sets of dental equipment by the Department of Health and Human Services. Also, the health center was again awarded a two-year license to operate a clinic by the Department of Public Health.

1985 - The health center received a generous donation of land and building at 636 Columbia Road from the Leep and Peel Trust of Boston, valued at $300,000.00. The Board of Directors voted to expand the primary care program at 500 Columbia Road by moving the dental, eye care and guidance and counseling programs into the new building.

1989 - An addiction treatment program was initiated to provide complete substance abuse services. Counseling, AIDS education and medical services were made available to curtail the spread of AIDS and the devastation of drug abuse.

1996 - The Elder Service Plan of Mutual Health Care was launched in the beautifully-renovated former warehouse at 1140 Dorchester Avenue. The first floor consists of a large meeting room, a kitchen, and various exam rooms. In addition, the second floor was occupied by the Columbia Medical Group, a medical practice designed to treat people 40 years of age and older, under the auspices of the Upham's Corner Health Committee. An adolescent health clinic was developed to meet the health and social service needs of area teenagers. Also, the authority and funding necessary to build a new home care and primary care facility at 415 Columbia Road were obtained.

2000 - UCHC was awarded several new grants by MDPH: (1) to plan a school based health center; (2) to purchase and upgrade computer equipment; (3) to provide diabetes care. During 2000, UCHC worked diligently with several vendors to update computer communication both among the several sites as well as with our medical affiliates. In addition, the HIV/AIDS services department received $96,478.00 as part of the Minority AIDS Initiative to provide services to the underserved target populations of men and women in North Dorchester, an ethnically diverse neighborhood of which Cape Verdean women and teens, and Latinos reside. On-site mammography and bone densitometry services became available. Also, a grand total of 412 full and part time employees were employed by UCHC.


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  • The South Bay Shopping Plaza
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Brigham & Woman's Hospital