Chief Nursing Officer- Acute

  • Location: Rugby, ND
  • Posted: Jan 17, 2020

Job Description

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Job Title:
Chief Nursing Officer- Acute
RUGBY, ND, 58368
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Job Description

JOB TITLE:_ Chief Nursing Officer- Acute


QUALIFICATIONS:Must have a Bachelors Degree in a health related or Human Services field or have at least 3 years experience in a health-related or Human Services field. Registered Nurse credential is preferred. Must maintain a valid North Dakota drivers license and maintain insurability with GSHAs insurance carrier.

JOB SUMMARY: Work is performed in an office environment and throughout the hospital. Contact with Department Directors and Nursing Management.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in an office environment and throughout the hospital. Contact with Department Heads, Physicians and Public.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.

Requires the ability to distinguish letters and symbols. Requires the use of office equipment such as calculators, copiers, telephones and typewriters. Requires correct vision and hearing to normal range.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Will function as:

1. Coordinator - Coordinates all CQI activities within HAMC, Care Coordinator & Haaland Estates.



a. Coordinates CQI Committee, and the Critical Access Committee (CAH). Reviews all reports monthly/yearly with CEO (Quality Council)

1. Quality Council Committee - Review Departmental monthly/yearly

reports and bring them to the Quality Council meeting. Discus corrections or additions with CEO and communicate this info to the involved Dept. Heads

2. CQI Committee Coordinates meetings, participates in discussions and voting. Takes minutes. 2.CQI Committee Coordinates meetings. Participate in discussions, decision- making and take minutes.

3. CAH Committee Coordinates meeting. Actively participate in the CAH Committee. Collects reports and data.

CAH meeting evaluates the services we provide, determine services changes that maybe necessary,

and Insure that actions are taken according to decisions made during this

review procedure.

b. Schedule meetings of Quality Council and CQI Committee. These meetings are routinely scheduled, rooms reserved, and snacks ordered.

1. Send a memo two weeks prior to the CQI meeting to committee members

and persons scheduled to report

2. Send a copy of the agenda for the meeting.

3. Call and remind all persons scheduled to report, who have not submitted

their reports, one week before the CQI meeting



d. Write minutes for CQI meetings and distribute to appropriate persons.

1. The members of the CQI committee.

2. Board of Directors.

2. Facilitator - Assist with setting up of new CQI programs for HAMC & Haaland Home.

a. Assist with setting up CQI for new programs as required by State & National Regulators

b. Assist with setting up CQI for new programs as needed as Medical and Nursing practice as it evolves.

c. Assist with setting up CQI for new programs as technology advances.

d. Utilizes Teams of Excellence and Home Teams to facilitate needed changes / improvements.

3. Consultant - Serves as a consultant for CQI and Risk Management, to all Departments of HAMC & Haaland Home


a. Maintain a library of CQI and Risk management Reference Books

b. Be available to assist all Departments as they set up or maintain their CQI


c. Be available to assist all departments as they set up their patient survey reports

d. Have access to Risk Management Consultant web site and find information for department directors as necessary.

4. Educator - Facilitates and participates in CQI at HAMC & Haaland Home.

a. Be available to provide and participate in CQI and Risk Management Education as needed throughout the GSHA

b. Schedule and provide a CQI and risk management Orientation for all new Department Heads

5. Reporter - Prepares a report of CQI and Risk Management findings to the Board of Directors quarterly.

Prepares a report of the CQI programs yearly evaluation done by the CQI

Committee and submits to the Board of Directors

a. Submit a copy of the CQI Committee Minutes monthly to the Executive Secretary

to be included on the agenda of the Board of Directors Meeting..

b. Submit to the Board of Directors a copy of the Yearly Evaluation of the CQI

Program, including Individual Departments CQI evaluation, Evaluation of all

Contract Services and yearly review of all Criteria Utilized to Evaluate our

Medical Care.

c. Submit a copy of a our CQI Program that has been Reviewed/revised.

6. Communicator - Communicates CQI activities throughout facility.

a. Communicate with individual departments as needed.

b. Communicate new CQI information at Department Head Meetings

7. Patient and Employee survey vendor liaison

a. Works with HCAHPS vendor regarding all patient and employee surveys.

b. Provides follow up for issues concerning the above.

c. Communicates to Administration regarding survey results

d. Communicates to Department Directors regarding survey results

e. Serves as a consultant related to issues with survey results

f. Educates department directors on use of Survey vendor reporting sites

8. Risk Manager duties:

a. Reviews all employee, patient and non-patient variances through Healthcare Safety Zone Portal

b. Consults Risk Management Company as needed for variances

c. Is the liaison between Risk Management company and our facility.

d. Reviews complaints and concerns regarding all areas of HAMC, and Haaland Estates.

e. Deals with patients/families or others who have complaints or issues with their care or other issues.

f. Performs further review or Root Cause Analysis as necessary.

g. Orients new managers in use of HC Safetyzone portal site

h. Devises or makes changes in policies based on Risk Management information provided by our Risk management Insurance Carrier and CAH state and federal regulations.

9. C.N.O. Acute Nursing Directors:

a. Prepares Budget for all Acute/Swing Bed Nursing areas.

b. Serves as a consultant for all Nursing managers

c. Coordinates monthly meetings with nursing managers to discuss issues and come up with solutions.

d. Provides education to nursing directors and/or staff as needed.

e. Is a member of the Administration Council and reports on issues with Acute/Swing Bed nursing, CQI and Risk Management.

f. Is the coordinator of the Ethics Committee.

7. Professional attitude, leadership role and team member abilities. Maintains a positive professional role throughout the facility and community.


a. Exhibits a positive professional approach when dealing with the public, and demonstrates solution-oriented involvement with problems of facility, staff and patients.

b. Attendance and involvement in management meetings, CQI, and voluntary groups/committees.

c. Good communication with subordinates and peers.

d. Shows initiative and follow-through in work projects.

e. Values and pursues professional education and self improvement.

f. Timeliness of reports, i.e., evaluations, CQI reporting.

8. Responsible for safeguarding the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) in any form including electronic, written, or oral.


a. Responsible for safeguarding any PHI or EPHI seen, used or disclosed during this positions normal job functions as stated in the above job responsibilities abased on the HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures.

b. Responsible to conduct any oral discussions of PHI with other staff or with patients and family members in a manner that limits the possibility of inadvertent disclosures.

c. Responsible for maintaining strict confidentiality with any unintentional access to PHI whether written, electronic or oral.

d. Responsible for reporting suspected violations of the safeguarding of PHI or EPHI by any GSHA employee or business association.

e. Responsible to ensure the use or disclosure of PHI or EPHI that is not routinely available to this position must be coordinated with the HIPAA Privacy Officer, Security Officer or designee.

9. Accountability For Safety


1. Familiarizes self with and adheres to all facility and department safety policies and procedures.

2. Completes all required annual safety training.

3. Supports and implements safety into all job responsibilities regarding self, other employees, residents/patients and visitors.

4. Reports safety violations (or unsafe observances) to supervisor and/or department head immediately.

5. Promotes a culture of safety to improve employee safety.

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