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  • Posted: Jan 2, 2020

Job Description

Duke University:

Duke University was created in 1924 through an indenture of trust by James Buchanan Duke. Today, Duke is regarded as one of Americas leading research universities. Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke is positioned in the heart of the Research Triangle, which is ranked annually as one of the best places in the country to work and live. Duke has more than 15,000 students who study and conduct research in its 10 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. With about 40,000 employees, Duke is the third largest private employer in North Carolina, and it now has international programs in more than 150 countries.

Academic Dean and Director, Office of Student Returns

General Responsibilities

In this role, the Academic Dean and Director of the Office of Student Returns (OSR) will lead the process to support all students separating from the university and coordination for their re-engagement to academic studies. The Academic Dean and Director of OSR will work closely with the Trinity and Pratt Academic Deans throughout the attrition process. During the students separation from campus, the Academic Dean and Director of OSR will remain in close communication with the student notifying them of upcoming timelines, responding to questions and ensuring that they are connected to needed support services to help them prepare for their return. The Academic Dean and Director of OSR will serve as the point of contact for all students and foster collaborative relationships with key programs across the campus (Counseling and Psychological Services, Academic Resource Center, DukeReach, DuWell, Student Health, etc.). The Academic Dean and Director of OSR will work to identify trends and gaps throughout the process and share the results with the Dean of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, Dean of Pratt School of Engineering, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education. The Academic Dean and Director of OSR will remain actively engaged in the students academic return to campus for at least one semester to ensure all academic needs are met and support services are in place to help the student meet their academic goals.

Student Support (30%)

Develop individual transition plans for approximately 300 returning students with University and local resources established by appropriate service providers prior to re-engagement of studies.
Provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly student support groups as determined based on the acuity of need.
Coordinate the Student Ambassador Board, which will be comprised of student volunteers dedicated to assisting returning students transition back to studies.
Semester Welcome Event
Monthly volunteers meetings
Recruitment, professional development and training opportunities
Provide a minimum of five direct contacts with each returned student to occur from completion of re-engagement to studies request to end of first return semester. Each touch point will be documented in online system for tracking and data gathering purposes.
Each exiting student will have the opportunity for a direct meeting with the Academic Dean and Director of the OSR to discuss the leave and return process and have any questions or concerns addressed at the point of attrition.

Program Structure (20%)

Develop and maintain a web-based documentation system for tracking attritions, documenting student contacts, processing return requests and post-return supports and services.
Develop and maintain an online tracking system allowing Academic Deans to track the status of each students documentation and return plan.
Tack, collect, catalog, and maintain all OSR documentation: attrition notices, medical/psychiatric records, relevant academic records, and other essential form records.
Uphold University and FERPA policies relating to student records and retention
Manage all OSR budgetary needs and expenditures.

Communication (20%)

Facilitate communication between Academic Deans office, Student Affairs (services, supports, housing, etc.) to assist students during attrition from and return to campus to ensure a support service that is legible and responsive students needs.
Collaborate with Academic Deans, Duke Legal and other relevant services to develop OSR communication templates.
Develop and maintain programmatic communication standards consistent with Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and all partnering schools.

Collaboration (20%)

Participate in University Weekly Wrap up meetings.
Participate in weekly Academic Deans Meetings.
Establish an OSR Advisory Board to include representation from Trinity and Pratt Academic Deans, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and Student Affairs.
Conduct regularly scheduled presentations and facilitate trainings to various departments on OSR process and procedure.
Serve as a key source of support for students, parents and university staff/faculty engaged in the attrition and/or re-engagement to studies process.

Evaluation (10%)

Director will provide reports per semester focused on:
Trends in separation types by demography, courses of study, clusters in enrolled courses, and matriculation class.
Services provisions gaps to be addressed for students re-engaging studies.
Post-return academic progress at the end of initial re-engagement semester for all students; followed by longitudinal analysis of services use and wellness/academic outcomes.
Data regarding use of support services for re-engaged students.
Develop and implement programmatic evaluation strategy to include feedback from students and university staff on OSR performance and support services.

Minimum Qualifications


Ph.D. or equivalent


Work requires three years of experience in academic administration or a related setting to become familiar with academic policies, programs and regulations necessary to coordinate related services and activities. At the end of the fifth year of service an Academic Dean shall beconsidered for promotion. Promotion decisions are based on established policies and procedures for Academic Deans.OR AN EQUIVALENT COMBINATION OF RELEVANT EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE

Duke is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing employment opportunity without regard to an individual's age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

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Essential Physical Job Functions: Certain jobs at Duke University and Duke University Health System may include essentialjob functions that require specific physical and/or mental abilities. Additional information and provision for requests for reasonable accommodation will be provided by each hiring department.

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