Chief Executive Officer

  • Location: Rugby, ND
  • Posted: Dec 9, 2019

Job Description

General Information
Job Title:
Chief Executive Officer
RUGBY, ND, 58368
United States
Job Description

JOB SUMMARY:Responsible for the operation of the Good Samaritan Hospital Association in a manner commensurate with the authority conferred by the governing body and consistent with its expressed goals and objectives.Responsible for planning, developing and maintaining programs that implement the policies established by the Board of Directors.


QUALIFICATIONS: Requires a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university, and completion of a ND Board approved 480 hour Administrator in Training (AIT) Program and passage of the national examination. Prefer a Masters Degree in Administration or a related field. Five years experience in hospital management position of which at least three years are at the hospital administration level. Also prefer two or three years of experience with Long Term Care. Must be able to demonstrate the skills, the abilities and the personal attributes needed to satisfactorily assume the responsibilities of this position. Must maintain a valid North Dakota drivers license and maintain insurability with GSHAs insurance carrier

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in a well-lit, well-ventilated, temperature controlled office environment. Position includes numerous contacts with staff, public, patients, and residents.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires prolonged sitting or standing; some bending, stooping, and stretching. Requires the use of office equipment, such as telephones, calculator, computer software (i.e. Excel, Word & Internet) and copy machine. Requires normal vision and hearing range, and ability to speak. Requires ability to distinguish letters, symbols, and work number accurately.


I. Hardwiring Excellence responsible to know and adhere to evidence based leadership to achieve excellence.


Non-Management & Management Personnel:

Standards of Behavior

Key Words at Key Times AIDET

Management Personnel:

Rounding for Outcomes

Align Leader Evaluations with desired behaviors

Staff Appreciation through thank you notes

Selection and the first 90 days

II. Professional attitude, leadership role and team member abilities. Maintains a positive professional role throughout the facility and community.


Exhibits a positive professional approach when dealing with the public and demonstrates solution oriented involvement with problems of the facility, staff and patients.

Attendance and involvement in management meetings, CQI and voluntary groups/committees.

Good communication with subordinates and peers

Shows initiative and follow-through in work projects.

Values and pursues professional education and self improvement.

Timeliness of reports, i.e. evaluations, CQI reporting.

III. Accountability for Safety


Familiarizes self with and adheres to all facility and department safety policies and procedures.

Completes all required annual safety training.

Supports and implements safety into all job responsibilities regarding self, other employees, residents/patients and visitors.

Reports safety violations (or unsafe observances) to supervisor and/or department head immediately.

Promotes a culture of safety to improve employee safety.

IV. Safeguarding the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) in any form including electronic, written or oral.


1. Responsible for safeguarding any PHI or EPHI seen, used or disclosed during this positions normal job functions as stated in the above job responsibilities based on the HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures.

2. Responsible to conduct any oral discussions of PHI with other staff or with patients and family members in a manner that limits the possibility of inadvertent disclosures.

3. Responsible for maintaining strict confidentiality with any unintentional access to PHI whether written, electronic or oral.

4. Responsible for reporting suspected violations of the safeguarding of PHI or EPHI by any GSHA employee or business associate.

5. Responsible to ensure the use or disclosure of PHI or EPHI that is not routinely available to this position must be coordinated with the HIPAA Privacy Officer, Security Officer or designees.

V. General Administrative


1. Implementing all policies established by the Board of Directors, advising on the formation of these policies, and reviewing their progress with the Board of Directors.

2. Developing and submitting to the Board of Directors for approval a plan of

organization for the association and recommend changes when necessary.

3. Working cohesively with other health care professionals to ensure high quality care will be rendered to the patients at all times. To ensure that the association meets the standards prescribed by accrediting agencies.

4. Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors. Develops necessary reports as may be required.

5. Serves as the liaison and channel of communications between the Board of Directors and any of its committees, the medical staff, and other members of the medical complex.

6. Represents the association with other health agencies.

7. Maintain favorable public relations within the community to enhance the image of the association.

8. Performing other duties that may be necessary or in the best interest of the organization.

9. Performs all responsibilities delineated in the corporate bylaws.

VI. Fiscal & Plant


1. Preparing an annual budget showing the expected revenue and expenditures as required by the Board of Directors.

2. Submit to Board and to authorized committees regular report showing financial activity and professional services of GSHA.

3. To manage individual accounts and records for the Heart of America Medical Center, Heart of America Long Term Care Facility, the Haaland Home, Haaland Manor and any special funds received in connection with such operation.

4. Foundation oversight.

5. Maintaining physical properties in a good and safe state of operating condition. To comply with all licensing agencies.

VII. Personnel


1. Selecting, employing, controlling, and discharging employees as policy. Develops and maintains personnel policies and practices for the association.

2. To designate an individual to act for the Executive Director when absent.

3. To organize the administrative functions of the hospital, delegate duties and establish formal means of accountability on the part of subordinates.

4. To attend or be represented at departmental meetings.

Heart of America Medical Center

800 S Main Ave
Rugby, ND 58368

Phone: (701) 776-5455

Fax: (701) 776-5455