Child Care Kitchen Staff

  • Location: Jackson, WY
  • Posted: Dec 9, 2019

Job Description

Kitchen staff oversees operations of the food program, including hygiene, meal planning and preparation, meal set-up and distribution, food inventory and ordering, record keeping and all kitchen operations. Works with hospital dietitian to ensure adherence to USDA child food and nutrition guidelines. Adheres to all public health regulations regarding food storage and prep.


Meal Planning and Preparation

1) Researches best practice to decide on nutritionally sound menus for breakfast, lunch, and snack.

2) Communicates with parents to determine individual dietary restrictions, and plans/prepares alternative items as needed.

3) Collaborates with SJMC dietitian to periodically review menus.

4) Ensures all staff handling food adhere to Public Health food preparation/service/storage guidelines to (a) practice and model safe food handling techniques in food preparation and storage, (b) distribute food to classrooms, (c) serve food to children.

Cleaning/Sanitizing and Compliance

1) Ensures all staff handling food/assisting with kitchen responsibilities adhere to Public Health guidelines in cleaning and sanitizing in order to (a) maintain a safe and sanitary kitchen, pantry, and storage areas; (b) wash and sanitize items used for food preparation and service; (c) prepare and clean eating areas (main room, classrooms).

2) In accordance with Public Health Guidelines, maintains appropriate records including (but not limited to): (a) posting weekly menu for parent review; (b) maintaining daily logs of refrigerator/freezer temperatures, and dishwasher sanitizing temperatures, (c) expiration information for foods.

Budget/Financial Analysis

1) Plans for and purchases all food an necessary supplies needed to provide food service with consideration to the nourishments budget.

2) Provides input/feedback for nourishment budget when planning for the upcoming fiscal year.

3) Maintains food inventory and uses inventory to plan meals and minimize waste.


Special duties as assigned by the director, including, but not limited to: supervising children, giving breaks to fellow staff, helping out as needed around the center, and assisting with center opening/closing procedures.


Minimum Education:

Required: High School Diploma/Equivalent

Minimum Work Experience:

Required: Knowledge of early childhood nutrition, Knowledge of production cooking
CPR/AED/First Aid required within 30 days of hire, SafeServ Certification required within 30 days of hire

Preferred: At least 6 months experience with early childhood nutrition
At least 6 months experience with production cooking
One year of documented experience working in a Child Care setting

Required Licenses: CPR/AED/First Aid required within 30 days of hire
SafeServ Manager Certification required

Schedule Information

Schedule: 10 hour shifts

St. John's Medical Center

625 E Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

Opened: 1916

Phone: (307) 739-7534