Manager Food Service

  • Location: Hyannis, MA
  • Posted: Nov 15, 2019

Job Description

Manages continually the provision of departmental services in an effective and efficient manner. Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, evaluates and controls all resources (personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, dollars) and processes (methods, procedures, policies and systems) toward the attainment of departmental and hospital mission, goals and objectives and the optimum provision of services to customers.


Organizes the department to delineate authority, responsibility and lines of communication for employees, supervisors and departmental management. (5%) (E)
Develops departmental goals and objectives and allocates departmentalresources towards the accomplishment of both departmental and hospital goals and objectives. (10%) (E)
Maintains updated and effective department policies, procedures and workrules including safety, disaster and security programs and actively promotes their application within the department. (15%) (E)
Prepares the annual department budget, monitors and manages the expenditureof funds and adjusts departmental operations within budgeted and labor agreement limitations. (10%) (E)
Determines departmental staffing needs and assures that a qualified staff, properly balanced to work load is maintained. (10%) (E)
Provides for optimum methods and procedures in accomplishing departmental work load, initiates innovations and improvements in departmental operations and encourages employee suggestions. Ensures departmental efficiency. (10%) (E)
Uses the concept of continuous quality improvement to maintain departmentalstandards for quality departmental services. (5%) (E)
Communicates with employees on management plans, objectives, actions, goals. Uses employee suggestions to improve upon service. Conductsdepartmental meetings. Attends hospital Department Head Meetings, Labor Matters Meetings and Safety Committee Meetings. (10%) (E)
Provides for continuing education and training of departmental employeesincluding on-the-job training, safety modules, safe use of equipment anddepartmental policies and procedures. (5%) (E)
Maintains JCAHO and other regulatory agency requirements in accordance with their standards. Maintains all current registrations, licenses orcertificates necessary for the proper functioning of the department/hospital. (5%) (E)
Reports regularly to the Food Service Director on the department operationsand keeps him informed of important matters affecting departmental/hospital operations. (5%) (E)
Works closely with the Chief Clinical Dietitian in updating patient menus to meet nutritional needs of the patients in coordination with production and budget capabilities and limitations of the department. (5%) (E)
Performs other duties as assigned/requested. (5%) (E)


High school diploma plus basic technical training, usually less than one year. BENCHMARK EXAMPLES: C.N.A., EKG Tech, Medical Secretary, Patient Account Rep.
Three to five years. BENCHMARK EXAMPLES: Human Resources Manager, Manager Patient Access, Nurse Manager.

Employment Type

  • Regular-Regular

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