Radiologic Technologist

  • Location: Rugby, ND
  • Posted: Jan 27, 2020

Job Description

General Information
Job Title:
Radiologic Technologist
RUGBY, ND, 58368
United States
Employee Type:
Non-Exempt FT
Contact Information
Kirk Seaver
701-776-5455 Ext 2346
Job Description

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: The work area is mainly in the Radiology Department, but may include ICU, Acute Care, Long Term Nursing Care, Emergency Room, Surgery, and the Clinic. Age of patients varies from neonates to geriatrics. The department is staffed 10 hours per day with call after regular hours during the week and/or weekends.

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires full range of body motion, occasional lifting and/or transporting of patients. Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range and good eye-hand coordination. Requires working under stressful conditions at times and exposure to communicable diseases, bodily fluids, and radiation.


I. Performing the day to day exams of the Radiology Department. This includes X-ray, CT, and EKG exams.

II. To be knowledgeable and proficient in the areas of x-ray, CT and EKG exams. If additional training is necessary, technologist must be willing to attend educational classes and/or training within the area of need. This includes the need for additional training due to advanced technology in the Radiology fields in order to keep current in the medical field.

III. Promote and maintain a professional, efficient, productive and friendly atmosphere for patients, co-workers, and physicians.

IV. Perform other related duties as assigned.

V. Safeguarding the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) in any form including electronic, written, or verbal.


Responsible for safeguarding any PHI or EPHI seen, used or disclosed during this positions normal job functions as stated in the above job responsibilities abased on the HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures.
Responsible to conduct any oral discussions of PHI with other staff or with patients and family members in a manner that limits the possibility of inadvertent disclosures.
Responsible for maintaining strict confidentiality with any unintentional access to PHI whether written, electronic, or oral.
Responsible for reporting suspected violations of the safeguarding of PHI or EPHI by any GSHA employee or business association.
Responsible to ensure the use or disclosure of PHI or EPHI that is not routinely available to this position must be coordinated with the HIPAA Privacy Officer, Security Officer or designee.

VI. Professional attitude, leadership role and team member abilities. Maintain a positive professional role throughout the facility and community.


1. Exhibits a positive professional approach when dealing with the public, and demonstrates solution-oriented involvement with problems of facility, staff and patients/residents.

2. Attendance and involvement in management meetings, CQI, and voluntary groups/committees.

3. Good communication with subordinates and peers.

4. Shows initiative and follow-through in work projects.

5. Values and pursues professional education and self improvement.

6. Timeliness of reports, i.e., evaluations, CQI reporting

VII. Safety.


1. Familiarizes self with and adheres to all facility and department safety policies and procedures.

2. Completes all required annual safety training.

3. Supports and implements safety into all job responsibilities regarding self, other employees, residents/patients and visitors.

4. Reports safety violations (or unsafe observances) to supervisor and/or department head immediately.

5. Promotes a culture of safety to improve employee safety within the facility and/or the department.


Must be a graduate of an accredited RadiologySchool. Must be registered as a current member of the ARRT, or registry eligible.


To perform exams in the Radiology Department, as ordered by the attending physician. This may include X-rays, CT, and/or EKG exams. Technologist must also alternate night and weekend call with other technologists unless other arrangements have been made.

Heart of America Medical Center

800 S Main Ave
Rugby, ND 58368

Phone: (701) 776-5455

Fax: (701) 776-5455