ACE Information Delivery Change Control

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  • Posted: Oct 18, 2019

Job Description


Duke Health Technology Solutions is a robust, specialized division of Duke University Health System dedicated to the development and management of enterprise IT systems. A 2018 Most Wired health system, Duke is nationally recognized for IT and information management as the first healthcare system to achieve the Davies Award highest honor by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) for inpatient, ambulatory and analytics health information technology capabilities. Our employees are among the top-skilled IT experts in the Triangle and partner with leading scholars, clinicians and researchers across Duke University and Duke Health to develop innovative technologies that support our mission of delivering tomorrow's healthcare today.

Job Title: ACE Information Delivery Change Control


Job Level: CD

Job Family: JF 08

Occupational Summary

The ACE Information Delivery Maestro Care Change Control Analyst (CCA) / Business Intelligence Developer (BID) is integral to the success of Duke University Health Systems Epic EHR (Maestro Care). This position has a responsibility to interface with our Business Intelligence Developers (BIDs) to receive hand-offs for reporting enhancements and new development requiring change control board review prior to migration to our Production environment. In this capacity the CCA/BID functions as the gateway for Maestro Care reporting production inventory and for ensuring compliance to DUHS/DHTS-specified reporting standards and policy for all reporting inventory. The CCA/BID is also the face of Maestro Care reporting and the primary contact to our EHR information consumers. In this capacity the position functions as a data and reporting expert for the specific module they support and is responsible to work with Maestro Care users across Duke Health to understand their data and information needs and to provide expert consultation on available tools, design options, and relevant data elements. In so doing the CCA/BID supports Duke Medicine on our enterprise mission to improve community health and eliminate health inequalities.

Key responsibilities of this position include:

Understand all DHTS Maestro Care change control policies and requirements and serve as the point-of-contact between the ACE Information Delivery team and the Maestro Care change management board.
Review and modify ACE Information Delivery reporting standards to ensure that departmental standards are in compliance with larger organizational standards and policies. Proactively draft new policies to minimize Information Delivery reporting vulnerabilities. In so doing the Analyst should thoroughly research issues, draft policies to support issues resolution and that maintain a reasonable and acceptable balance between value and required overhead, consult with BIDs, BI Administrators, change management leads, and other SMEs as warranted to both mitigate the risk of non-compliance and facilitate departmental policy acceptance.
Receive hand-offs from BIDs for all work requiring change management review. Ensure that all work meets both internal and external standards prior to migration to Maestro Care production. Communicate production inventory changes to the Maestro Care Librarian/IAR Analyst to ensure that production inventory remains current.
Maintain timely communication and collaboration with the Maestro Care BIDs, Librarian, BI Administrators, Application Analyst, and others to facilitate common and foundational understanding of the MAESTRO Care reporting inventory.
Proactively engage with team members whose work is found to be out of compliance with expected standards. Provide necessary education and support to close the knowledge gap. Responsible to communicate with management concerns around risks to non-compliance and gaps in Information Delivery team understanding of policy and standards in order to allow for appropriate resolution.
Maintain impeccable communication with internal and external stakeholders regarding the change management process and impacts to requested work. Requires the timely and astute evaluation and anticipation of risks to the fulfillment of committed to work requests, and communicate in a transparent, timely, and professional manner, being ever mindful of our role as a customer service organization.
Meet and collaborate with Duke Medicine stakeholders to understand the EHR data, information, and analytic needs of their business units. This requires active and ongoing participation with Duke Medicine reporting customers.
Work collaboratively with Application Reporting Lead (ARL) to identify and gather detailed business requirements; create technical documentation, clarify, interpret and translate specifications as required in order to develop an appropriate data information solution.
Undertake a detailed study of workflows relevant to primary modules of support with the goal to develop an intimate understanding of the respective data flows from point of entry to final populated element. A thorough understanding of the operational workflows, the data generated, the fields in which they are housed, the relationship of the data to and across modules, and the relevance of the data to core entities (patient, provider, location) is crucial to the ability to produce informed data deliverables.
Maintain timely communication and collaboration with the Maestro Care Application Analyst team to ensure a foundational understanding of all business unit workflows as relevant to the modules they support.
Develop design documents for data mapping and data transformation processes.
Perform gap assessment and identify gaps between business requirements and data availability. Where present consult with customers, departmental leadership, Maestro Care application analysts, Epic TSs, and others to identify available options.
Develop and implement an appropriate quality acceptance testing and validation strategy to ensure completeness and accuracy of data prior to customer UAT and migration of solution into the production environment. Includes analyzing data in source systems to assess data quality and making recommendations for addressing concerns to the Data Governance Board.
Use all tools as relevant to develop the right solution to meet customer data needs. Available tools include but are not limited to: Caboodle, Clarity, Reporting Workbench, Radar Dashboards, Registries and Universes, Business Objects Crystal, WebI, Tableau, and SQL. This requires an understanding of the strengths and limitations of each toolset.
Monitor the performance of module-specific reporting inventory and take corrective action as necessary to optimize performance and mitigate negative consequences for customers and production servers - specifically SQL tuning. Escalate the need for report tuning and optimization as warranted.
Regularly review service pack upgrades from Epic to determine implications for respective modules and data artifacts. Consult with Maestro Care application analyst team, Epic TSs, customers, and departmental leadership to appropriately prioritize and remediate updates as warranted.
Understand and follow all established guidelines with respect to report development, migration of reports through environments to Production, and report maintenance. Ensure that all data deliverables conform to established departmental standards; specifically change management processes, reporting naming conventions, and maintenance of enterprise reporting library.
Maintain impeccable communication with internal and external stakeholders regarding the development status of work requests. Requires the timely and astute evaluation and anticipation of risks to fulfillment of committed to work requests, and communicate in a transparent, timely, and professional manner, being ever mindful of our role as a customer service organization.
Remember always this role is the face of the EHR reporting, information, and analytic function of DUHS. Work proactively to foster a strong internal team and excellent, value-add service to Duke Medicine stakeholders.

Level-specific Expectations

The duties and responsibilities for the CCA/BID will vary depending on the level of the role. The following criteria may be used to determine level:


Individual contributor representing the most common entry point for this career ladder; works under the direct supervision of Team Lead, or higher
Demonstrates knowledge of general Epic Clarity data model and thorough understanding of the change management process; demonstrates the proven ability to accurately apply knowledge in the design and build of reporting, information, and analytic solutions (albeit in consultation with others)
Beginning to an intermediate level user of requisite technical tools for the role
Foundational understanding of Epic Hyperspace functionality and underpinnings; working understanding of Epic Crystal Integration and able to develop reporting in Reporting Workbench (RWB)
Basic understanding of troubleshooting Epic reporting
Engaged team player with fully aligned attitudes and behaviors, and committed to achieving our enterprise mission
Collaborates as a member of a self-organizing team, in which bundles of work are scheduled, designed, built and delivered on a defined schedule; ability to be effective in a fast-paced environment; able to communicate with teammates clearly and at the right times; ready to give and receive help to ensure the teams overall success
Able to excel in a matrixed environment, both as a member of an organizational home team with shared functional skills and as a member of time-delimited multidisciplinary project teams spinning up as needed and dissolving upon project completion

LEVEL 2 (Sr. CCA/BID) in addition to the Level 1 expectations:

Individual contributor representing the most common career progression path for this career ladder; works in consultation with and under the supervision of departmental leadership
Demonstrates knowledge specific not only to his/her respective data domain and module(s) but across the broader spectrum of Epic models; demonstrates the proven ability to accurately and independently apply knowledge in the design and build of reporting, information, and analytic solutions
High intermediate to advanced/expert level user of requisite technical tools for the role
Proven SQL coding experience at an advanced to master coder level; with specific facility in performing SQL tuning
Advanced understanding of Epic Hyperspace functionality and underpinnings; advanced understanding of Epic Crystal Integrational and fully facile in developing reporting in RWB
Develop metadata for structure in the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and Caboodle data warehouse (CDW)
Understands multiple Epic data models and modules
Mentors less senior BID irrespective of supervisory relationship to them
Performs and coordinates simple to complex projects with minimal direction
Optimizes internal resources to maximize team capabilities
Leads peers to resolve complex issues consistent with divisional/organizational goals
Serve as a technical resource for discipline in cross-functional teams
Highly proficient at troubleshooting even complex Epic reporting issues and understands when it is necessary to draw upon Epic TS to further troubleshoot and resolve complex reporting issues
Effective at identifying an approach to information delivery that will prove successful, and skilled at selling that approach to project team members and the sponsor/customer
Engaged team player with fully aligned attitudes and behaviors and committed to achieving our enterprise mission

Required Qualifications


Bachelor's degree in a related field, or four years of equivalent technical experience required.


Credential requirements will vary, depending on the work area.


Level 1 - No experience required beyond the minimum education (or equivalency) requirement.

Level 2 - Two years of related experience is required.



Keeps current on new industry trends in a specific discipline and applies learnings to assignments.

Takes personal responsibility for taking actions on projects that result in solutions that truly address customer needs.

Understands when to request supervisor involvement in programming related matters.

Considers the impact on others and current processes within discipline prior to taking action.

Adapts individual work style and reprioritizes assignments as changes in department or project goals or requirements are communicated.

Independently completes complex tasks and portions of larger projects.

Identifies and uses appropriate resources to accomplish tasks and build individual and team knowledge.

Suggests new approaches to accomplishing individual responsibilities or team assignments.

Accomplishes assignments/project objectives by keeping people focused on the solution and the team informed of project status.

Shares information and solicits input and ideas from other team members.

Persuades team members to use different work steps/methodologies to accomplish assignments.

Promotes the goals of the initiative, setting aside departmental or functional biases to achieve objectives.

Delivers systems or programs that are completed on time and within budget.

Self-motivated and focused on delivering quality work even when faced with difficulties or over a longer-term project.

Possesses advanced knowledge and proven application of it within a specific discipline.

Provides assistance to project team members in accomplishing technical or programming-specific tasks.

Independently completes complex tasks and portions of larger projects.

Realistically evaluates own progress against expectations/goals and takes necessary actions to address developmental needs or performance issues.

Develops realistic project plans for assigned tasks or portions of larger projects and modifies the plan as requirement changes are communicated.

Obtains necessary information/data to complete assignments independently or as part of a project team.

Understands client/project issues to develop moderately complex solutions within a single discipline.

Develops strong working relationships with colleagues and/or project teams and customers to effectively complete team goals and objectives.

Builds strong working relationships with members of his/her team and interacts and establishes relationships with individuals in other teams or departments as needed.


Keeps current on industry and market intelligence; applies appropriate new technologies and best practices to a specific discipline or functional area.

Adapts/modifies personal and project goals to align with IT priorities.

Uses a variety of communication styles to get (technical) messages across clearly to a variety of audiences through the use of terminology and examples that are familiar.

Displays the ability to recognize appropriate communication, audience, timing, and content necessary for building and maintaining alliances for success.

Effectively communicates specific IT issues/solutions to clients.

Develops solutions that help the customer in both the short- and long-term.

Takes personal responsibility for taking or directing actions on projects that result in solutions that truly address customer needs.

Takes action without being prompted to achieve business goals.

Identifies and uses appropriate resources to accomplish projects and build knowledge within a specific discipline or department.

Persuades others to reach conclusions or make decisions regarding complex issues through understanding the ideas, situations, or problems by breaking the issue into small pieces or by identifying causal links or relationships.

Synthesizes data from multiple (appropriate) sources to make sound decisions.

Considers the impact on IT goals prior to making decisions.

Implements new approaches, and/or technologies to develop solutions meeting customer's needs.

Promotes goals of the initiative, overcoming departmental or functional biases to achieve objectives.

Delivers systems or projects that are completed on time and within budget.

Ability to motivate and focus self and others to reach long- term project goals even when faced with difficulties.

Possesses expert knowledge and proven application (through developing solutions and efficiencies) of it in a specific discipline or functional area.

Actively seeks out opportunities to share his/her in-depth knowledge and contribute to the learning of other departments or team members.

Performs and coordinates simple to complex tasks with direction.

Accepts accountability for decisions, actions, and commitments of self and others to successfully meet project objectives.

Prioritizes and organizes project actions and resources to achieve targeted objectives.

Achieves project objectives through the identification and coordination of the right people to participate in the project initiatives.

Identifies key issues, analyzes cause/effect relationships and seeks ideas and suggestions from those who can contribute and are affected.

Develops solid working relationships with colleagues, customers, and across project teams to effectively achieve functional/project goals.

Builds strong working relationships with members of his/her team and those within other relevant teams, departments, or disciplines.

Keeps the team focused on goals and addresses issues to ensure good working relationships are maintained.

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative and level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

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