• Location: Durham, NC
  • Posted: Dec 29, 2019

Job Description

Duke Homecare & Hospice offers hospice, home health and infusion services. Hospice care is offered to terminally ill patients in their home, skilled-nursing facilities, assisted-living facilities, and at our two inpatient facilities located in Hillsborough and Durham, North Carolina.

NOTE: The work schedule for this position may be PRN (as needed) or part-time basis not to exceed more than 20 hours per week. Work hours primarily days with occasional Saturday shifts.

1. Contacts all enteral patients on a monthly basis to coordinate delivery of supplies and nutrition.
2. Provides information to the warehouse staff in advance with necessary levels of enteral supplies.
3. Calculates and verifies adequate supplies for each patient.
4. Documents appropriately in software system and notifies pharmacist of any significant problems.
5. Understands basics of reimbursement plans to maximize profits.
6. Informs pharmacists of enteral supply problems
7. Cooperates and works well with other staff members in the planning and organizing of pharmacy services.
8. Understands and adheres to:

All applicable State, local and Federal laws and/or regulations.
Company policies and procedures.
External accreditation/review standards.

9. Assists the Pharmacist with the compounding of intravenous medications according to the principles of strict aseptic technique and USP 797.
10. Checks for expired/unusable medications, at least monthly and disposes of them properly.
11. Batches medication preparation to minimize wastes and improve efficiency.
12. Attends morning report and disseminates information to fellow technicians.
13. Demonstrates the ability to work effectively and maintain expected productivity.
14. Prioritizes activities appropriately.
15. Ensures TPN compounding and Repeater Pump equipment is tested and calibrated to ensure proper functionality
16. Performs and records various quality control activities including Air Sampling, Glove Fingertip Testing, Surface Sampling and Sterility Testing. Reports allpositive resultsto the Operations Pharmacist immediately if requested.
17. Assists the Operations Pharmacist in maximizing the efficiency and productivity of the pharmacy.

Prioritizes filling of orders to facilitate timely delivery using color coded bins
Facilitates order filling to assure prioritizing is followed.
Places bins in appropriate area for Pharmacist checking
Informs Operations Pharmacist or other available pharmacist of "Stat" orders ready forchecking
Performs Pharmacy Technician functions as needed

18. Ensures the clean room suites and related equipment are cleaned and maintained per USP 797 and organizational policy and procedure, by utilizing a daily checklist.
19. Provides cross-coverage as a patient services coordinator to help fulfill operational needs of the department.
20. Participates in Performance Improvement Program.
21. Clearly and effectively communicates both verbally and in writing.
22. Communicates in a timely manner.
23. Exhibits an attitude that promotes harmony and goodwill in the workplace.
24. Must be receptive to new ideas and views of others.
25. Regularly, attends staff meetings.
26. Establishes positive working relationships with internal and external customers.
27. Performs other duties as assigned or needed.
28. Maintains confidentiality of patient information.
29. Displays a clean, neat and professional appearance.
30. Promotes culture by providing quality, comprehensive services to all customers through a team approach.
31. Changes the pre-filters for the laminar flow hoods on a monthly basis if requested.
32. Able to record the daily temperatures of the refrigerator, walk-in refrigerator, incubator and TPN room; and report any deviations to the Operations Pharmacist immediately.
33. Able to record the daily humidity from the TPN Main display and reports any deviations to the Operations Pharmacist immediately.
34. Disinfects all workroom surfaces with 2% bleach solutions prior to and after compounding.
35. Participates in the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning duties of the Pharmacy.
36. Completes his/her assigned projects in a timely manner.
37. Achieves a passing score on all competencies/validation testing.

Minimum Qualifications
Work requires high school or equivalent plus successful completion of a formalized Pharmacy Technician program.

Minimum of 2 years experience as a pharmacy technician. Experience in hospital IV room and/or home infusion with training/experience in alternate site/home health pharmacy practice is strongly preferred. Maintains a current pharmacy technician certification where required by law and/or regulation. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Degrees, Licensures, Certifications
Pharmacy Technician certification is required.

Skills & Abilities
Knowledgeable in Word Processing and Spread Sheet.
Maintains a current pharmacy technician certification where required by law and/or regulation.
Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

homecare, hospice, CPhT II, Pharmacy Technician II, infusion

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