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  • Posted: Sep 23, 2019

Job Description

The supervisor is ultimately accountable to the department director, nurse management and physicians and is delegated assignments by the department director to achieve quality patient care and expected productivity during a routine workflow experience. Registered Respiratory Therapist Supervisor must demonstrate quality health care through patient safety interventions and strategies:
Respiatory Therapist Superviosr must demonstrate competency for knowledge/skill/ability for:
o Provision of approriate age/growth/cognitive development during care: vital signs- Dysfunction signs and symptoms,
selection and application of appropriate therapy intervention and
size selection for supply/equipment and lalarm parameter/alarm adjustments and
patient education, including family or significant other when neededl to facilitate the understanding required for patient cooperation of procedure and assessments.of patient.
o Sensitivity to cultural and religious beliefs of patients, visitors and staff.
o Adherence to all policy for infection prevention, surveillance, and control and consistent use of proper hand hygiene/standard precaution practice and cleaning/storage of supplies/equipment compliant with guidelines, including, safe use of PPE/eyewash, cold disinfection process.
o Adnerence to all safe work s practices such as use of environmental controls (door codes/negative flow treatment room/panic button), operation of hospital beds, and all respiratory medical equipment, office equipment and pneumatic tube system.
o Complaince in HIPPA/EPIC management of patient and your personal health information.
o Preceptorship of students and completion of their daily evaluations.
o Adherence to all work policy and demonstrate ability to work independently with minimal supervision in the completion of routine assigned tasks and department overall daily/shift objectives.
o Understanding of personal behavior effect on departmental PPI goals /outcomes.
o Intuitive practice of eatablished guidelines for: patient identification/ staff identification,
use of Respiratory Case Records/ electronic work lists, sign out processes, for the documentation/archival/retrival/billing of services provided ,
inclusion of patients cautions, allergies, and co-morbidities for provision of safe patient care,
patient report using SBAR at receipt or hand off of patient.
o The indication/implementation/application/cautions and contraindications for respiratory scope of practice procedures (non-invasive and invasivein a systematic mannerto include assessment and planning, intervention and monitoring/evaluation in collaboration with the dept. supervisor and multidisciplinary care team as evidenced by documentation in the EMR, direct observation by the supervisor/preceptor and patient evaluation of care: Expansion Therapy
Inhaled medication administration / Sputum Inductionand Specimen Collection
Airway Management: pulmonary hygiene therapy: CPT (manual and device) and naso-tracheal suction,artificial airway management/suction/extubation/tracheal decannulation, physician requested assistance for crycothyrotomy and tube exchange.
Invasive and Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation: Iniatition/Monitoring/Titration-Weaning and Transport (in house and external) of all ventilatory modes and all currently available brands of equipment and age specific platforms
Medical Gas Administration- Delivery device/Monitoring for desired/adverse effects
Oxygen and Oxygen/Helium mixture / Cylinder Use/Handling /MRI/Storage
Air/ oxygen piping system use/shut-off
Blood Gas/Co-Oximetry: Specimen Collection and Analysis/Results Reporting
Pulse Oximetry /SpO2 Trend Study/ Home O2 Evaluation
Bedside Pulmonary Function Flow Volume measurements/ Pulmonary Mechanics measurements
EKG: Lead placement/Test Acquistion/safe equipment operation/use

Graduate of Accredited Respiratory Care Practitioner Program required.

Work Experience;
Respiratory Therapy work experience in an acute or critical care setting required.

Current certification by NBRC and licensure by Mississippi State Board of Health required. BLS, ACLS, PALS & NALS required. One advanced license (RPFT, NPS, ACCS) preferred.

Mental Demands:
Ability to perform repetitive tasks and to exercise good judgment and initiative to set priorities appropriately for patient care, and ones own and that of assigned staffs required staff training and education and department daily objectives. Ability to follow directions precisely with accuracy and the realization error in judgment or performance may have serious consequence to patients. Have "sincere interest" in being capable, dependable, and reliable and thoughtful and responsive at all levels of engagement with health team and patient customers.
Exhibits leadership qualities and have an intuitive willingness to accept more responsilibity. Self initiative to attend and present continuing education programs. Ability to teach and train using the various learning styles the trainee may prefer.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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