• Location: Juneau, AK
  • Posted: Sep 20, 2019

Job Description

This position is expected to perform a higher level of generally more complex job-specific responsibilities from a HIM Technician I and HIM Technician II. There is a wide range of technical duties and provide clerical support in the health information management department. This role will ensure the timely intake of requests for the release of information, evaluation of the reasonableness, preparation of appropriate records (including, but not limited to; validating service types, time span, relevant episodes of care, etc.), and delivery to the appropriate or requesting party. To be able ensure accurate and timely documentation when it involves ROI requests; specifically for patient information and confirm authorizations for such requests. This information may also be provided to attorneys, auditors, disability personnel, insurance companies, physicians, clinicians, patients, researchers and workers compensation; following all requirements to State and Federal regulations, HIPAA and SEARHC policies. This individual will maintain and monitor key release of information metrics. This position is responsible for monitoring the productivity of the ROI requests as well as meeting regulatory/compliance requirements and will be responsible for charging/billing for records per policy. To service both internal and external customers ensuring patient safety and continuing of care. Works independently or as part of a HIM department.
Knows, understand, incorporate and demonstrates the Mission, Core Values and Vision in behaviors, practices, policies and decisions.
Release of Information: (Main Focus)
Understands a thorough working knowledge of HIPAA Privacy Practices and Release of Information policies and procedures and can assist patients and staff relative to HIM department responsibilities and authorizations.
Maintains physical protection to prevent loss, destruction and unauthorized use of both manual and electronic records.
Ability to route the patient, patient representative, or staff to the Privacy Officer for SEARHC; regarding patient access, requests for amendments, accounting of disclosures, patient portal and any additional standards.
Evaluates basic release of information requests for appropriate disclosure of health records information according to privacy act guidelines.
Responses to subpoena(s), search warrant(s) and gives the information for the HIM Senior Manager to be able to respond if need be or to attend court.
If the Release of Information is valid follow the appropriate steps to log into ROI in Cerner.
Must be able to review and identify problems with ROI requests and send back to the requestor or if need be escalate to management.
Ensure that all requests are in accordance with HIM Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium
Process the Release of Information request per the HIPAA, SEARHC, and Alaska State policies. (Including Behavioral Health releases, these are to be processed by this position.)
Processes ROI walk-ins into the Health Information Management Department for Release of Information, helps the walk-in person to make sure that the form is filled out correctly and that the person(s) requesting the information is valid by verify their identification.
Reviews the HIM CORE Email Folder (bucket) and processes the ROI requests received through this media.
Answers any calls or questions about a status of a ROI, look up the information within Cerner and communicate the correct status.
Analysis, Assembly, Process, Review of all patient records
Performs inpatient/outpatient collating and screening analysis of inpatient/outpatient encounters to assess completeness of documentation.
Ensures the physicians/providers properly sign dates and completes patients records before electronically and making the records completed.
Follows the Joint Commission and the facilities policy and procedures when assigning the deficiencies in the electronic health record to the provider to authenticate.
Processes Birth Certificates in compliance with state regulations.
Initiates chart pick-up from the facility (floors/Nursing areas) or Clinics:
Retrieves/receives or pick-up the clinic or hospital patient visit from various areas throughout the facilities (specific to their area.)
Picks up thinned records from the facility/nursing floors and following up to make sure that record has been scanned into the Electronic Health Record.
Screens paper that is picked up from the clinical areas for filing and scanning into the electronic health record
Makes sure the documentation that is scanned into appropriate area within the patient record and patient folder.
Discards the documentation that should not be scanned into the electronic health record and places this documentation into the shred bins located in the Health Information Management Department.
Preps and prepares health information for electronic viewing
Scans of all health information-transforming information into an electronic health records, utilizing the System Electronic Health Record.
Indexing the documents scanned into the medical record verifying that the information scanned in being placed into the correct folder.
Understanding the Events Set Hierarchy Structure within the Electronic Health Record.
Retrieving (Pulling)and Filing Medical Records
Filing and retrieving of medical records using terminal digit filing system.
Filing a wide variety of ambulatory and inpatient records.
Files are maintained so they are readily accessible for further patient continuum of care.
Performs routine file and shelf maintenance to keep files in order.
Retrieves medical records from the files for continuum of care, providers and/or medical staff requests.
Clerical Support:
Performs needed clerical support in the HIM Department.
Public/Staff/and Telephone Encounters:
Responds courteously to telephone and personal requests by staff, patients and other authorized users to provide health records needs, such as chart reviews, requests for release of information, other authorized user needs, or in directing the requester to appropriate hospital staff who can assist them.
Answers telephone calls and provide answers to questions regarding patients medical record (not clinical documentation.)
Performs other duties as assigned to assist in total department effectiveness.
Participates in interdepartmental process improvement teams.
Takes responsibility to communicate identified issues and concerns in a constructive manner and participates in generating ideas and solutions for improvements.
Under the guidance of supervisor, audits encounters of fellow team members and shares corrections that need to be made.
Support other locations with registration and scheduling activity
Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Required High school or GED

1+ year(s) in HIM Release of Information and or health information management experience which demonstrates ability to manage paper and electronic medical records, computer database management and abstraction, preferred but not required.
Computer applications course or 1+year(s) experience with computer use.
6+ months clerical or customer service experience. Prefer medical record work experience but not required.
Other Qualifications:

Medical Terminology preferred but, not required
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:

Electronic Health Record and the components of the system and/or the ability to learn the EHR System.
Prioritizing between what you can/cannot perform, routing necessary items to the correct person.
Knowledge and able to work in data entry environment
Working knowledge of computer and a computer keyboarding skills.
Skills in:

Windows 7 and Windows 8
Microsoft Office
Ability to:

Ability to access and work with multiple electronic systems.
Ability to work as part of the healthcare team
Ability to deal with constant interruptions and the pressure of multiple demands.
Ability to work with a wide variety of health care team members and a working knowledge of health records components.
Ability to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the Release of information when releasing the ROI for all including Behavioral Health
Ability to work closely and knowledge with the health records components.
Ability to be able to get along with other team members in the HIM Department, other personnel, physicians, supervisors and the general public.
Ability to demonstrate integrity and the ability to keep patient information confidential at all times
Ability to review the record in the EHR
Ability to work independently and perform on the job without supervision.
Ability to perform accurate and timely detailed work scanning a record into the EHR.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written directions
Ability to communicate effectively, including reading, writing and speaking
Requires rapid response to multiple interruptions with ability to return to priority tasks.
Positive team member and role model for Health Information Management Department
Must be able to deal with pressure from multiple demands and from demanding patients and staff and remain courteous.
Contribute to the overall success of Health Information Management Department as well as the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium facilities.
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