Chief Nursing Officer

  • Location: Charleston, SC
  • Posted: Aug 2, 2019

Job Description

The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) serves in a key leadership position on the Executive Leadership Council Team of MUSC Health; directly reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MUSC Health, Charleston Division and indirectly to the Executive Chief Nursing Officer (ECNO), MUSC Health. By working as a member of the team, CNO will further the mission and vision of MUSC Health by preserving and optimizing human life in South Carolina and beyond through education, research and patient care. The CNO collaborates with other Operating Officers and influences patient care delivery particularly where nurses practice. Evaluates and plans for improvement in nursing leadership performance, sets standards for patient experience (internal and external), facilitates and supports strategic and operational planning and program development. The CNO leads the nursing staff as a role model and spokesperson for nursing and provides guidance and expertise to encourage innovation in nursing practice. This position is directly responsible for all areas at MUSC Health where nursing care is practiced. In addition, the CNO may be responsible for additional patient care areas as requested. The CNO serves as a leader and mentor both within nursing as well as throughout the health system.


Bachelors or masters degree in Nursing required. Doctorate in nursing or health related field preferred. Eligible for South Carolina RN license with license obtained and maintained upon hire. Extensive and progressive administrative experience required. Maintain current SC license to practice nursing. Meets mandatory educational and health requirements. Demonstrates competence in essential job functions. Maintains and seeks new knowledge related to evidence-based practice, patient care issues, quality improvement, financial management, current policies, procedures and protocols.

Required Licensure, Certifications, Registrations: Licensure as a registered nurse by the South Carolina Board of Nursing or active compact state.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform job functions while standing. (Continuous) Ability to perform job functions while sitting. (Continuous) Ability to perform job functions while walking. (Continuous) Ability to climb stairs. (Infrequent) Ability to work indoors. (Continuous) Ability to perform gross motor activities with fingers and hands. (Continuous) Ability to perform firm grasping with fingers and hands. (Continuous) Ability to perform fine manipulation with fingers and hands. (Continuous) Ability to reach overhead. (Frequent) Ability to perform repetitive motions with hands/wrists/elbows and shoulders. (Continuous) Ability to reach in all directions. (Continuous) Ability to maintain 20/40 vision, corrected, in one eye or with both eyes. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects close at hand or at a distance. (Continuous) Ability to match or discriminate between colors. (Continuous) Ability to determine distance/relationship between objects; depth perception. (Continuous) Good peripheral vision capabilities. (Continuous) Ability to maintain hearing acuity, with correction. (Continuous) Ability to perform gross motor functions with frequent fine motor movements. (Continuous) Ability to deal effectively with stressful situations. (Continuous) Ability to work overtime as required. (Frequent) Ability to work in a latex safe environment. (Continuous) Ability to maintain tactile sensory functions. (Continuous) (Selected Positions) *Ability to maintain good olfactory sensory function.

The Medical University of South Carolina is an Equal Opportunity Employer. MUSC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or belief, age, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, protected veteran status, family or parental status, or any other status protected by state laws and/or federal regulations. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and will receive consideration for employment based upon applicable qualifications, merit and business need.

Employment Type

  • Full-Time

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