Surgical Technologist

  • Location: Urbana, IL
  • Posted: Aug 23, 2019

Job Description

$5,000 sign on bonus (1 or more years of experience)* or

$1,500 sign on bonus (less than 1 year of experience)* and

$2,500 relocation (for greater than 50 miles)*

with 1 or more years of experience - External Applicants only

The Surgical Technician functions as an integral part of the perioperative team as the first, second or assisting Surgical Technician under the supervision of the Registered Nurse in delivering safe and effective care to the patient during the intraoperative period.

Associates degree and graduation from an approved Surgical Technologist program, or Certificate program in Surgical Technology

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Non specified.

Independently scrubs basic surgical procedures. Demonstrates ability to problem solve in relation to the procedure being performed. Applied basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, microbiology, and pharmacology for optimal surgical patient care. Applies basic knowledge of electricity, chemistry, computers, robotics, and lasers for optimal surgical patient care. Demonstrates knowledge and practice of patient care concepts and perioperative teamwork. Applies principles of sterile technique during surgical procedures.

Essential Functions:

Applies the principles of asepsis in a knowledgeable manner to maintain a sterile environment. Demonstrates competency in select technical and psychomotor skills, judgment and appropriate knowledge base. Provides age specific care to obstetrical patients in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the department.
Assists in organization and coordination of supplies and equipment to maintain an efficient and cost effective department.
Maintains a safe environment for patients, co-workers and self. Demonstrates awareness of and adherence to safety and legal requirements established at the hospital and unit level and established policies and procedures.
Charges for equipment and supplies.
Participates in room turnover and set-up.
Maintains and cleans equipment and identifies items needing repair per policy.
Effectively performs sterilization, disinfection and document loads per policy.
Applies principles of asepsis to maintain sterility during surgical set up and procedure.
Maintains and cleans equipment and identifies items needing repair per policy.
Assist with obtaining supplies, equipment, and positioning devices as well as assisting with the positioning of the patient for procedures.
Performs sterilization of surgical instrumentation and documents per policy.
Scrubbing duties to include classes for Medical Students, Residents, and other students.
Turns OR rooms over and sets up for next patient in an efficient manner.

Employment Type

  • Full - Time

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