Medical Imaging Analyst

  • Location: Rochester, MN
  • Posted: May 17, 2019

Job Description

Under the direction of the Principal Investigators in the Aging and Dementia Imaging Research (ADIR) Laboratory, the Medical Imaging Analyst directs neuro MRI and PET analysis components in research programs. This includes detailed organization of data, visual assessments of quality control, visual assessments of medical abnormalities, and identification of protocol deviations. The Analyst prepares volumetric data and images for publication in support of the scope of the research program. The Analyst utilizes both commercially available and proprietary image registration, image analysis, in addition to daily use of Linux and Microsoft Office. The Analyst is responsible for ensuring high standards of data collection, image reconstruction, and data analysis. The Analyst works closely with the program Principal Investigators, Lab Manager, MR Technologists, and Programmers. Depending upon assignment, may perform work in neurocognitive disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and other areas.


A Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics, Computer Science, or Mathematics, or other related field of study is required.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Schedule Information

Hours: 80

Mayo Clinic's Campus in Minnesota

200 First St. SW
Rochester, MN 55905

Phone: (507) 284-2511



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