Animal Care Specialist

  • Location: Rochester, MN
  • Posted: May 13, 2019

Job Description

To perform the necessary duties to provide quality care to all animals utilized in research including animal husbandry activities such as feeding, watering, sanitation, observation, and room cleaning. Provides assistance to the veterinary technologist in the care and treatment of laboratory animals. Treats routine small animal health issues such as application of topical medication for skin issues, trims nails, treats malocclusion, provides nutritional and environmental support. Receives, identifies, places incoming rodents (including quarantine), and ships/exports rodents. Monitors rodents with non-life threatening conditions such as prolapsed rectums, neurological deficiencies, malocclusion, etc. May irradiate rodent and cells, conduct parasite testing, provide anesthetic monitoring, operate laboratory equipment, assist in preparing large animals for surgery, and preparing surgical packs. Records entries on animal records, maintenance of rodent health care database and corresponding with principle investigators and research technicians via telephone or e-mail. Processes animal census data and enters into systems for record keeping and revenue billing. Orders and inventories supplies. Recommends ways to improve current procedures or processes to simplify or make them more efficient or more effective. Additional duties may be assigned as the required to fulfill departmental responsibilities.


The position requires a minimum of a high school diploma and three years of animal handling experience or Associates Degree and 2 years of animal handling experience or Bachelors degree and 1 year of animal handling experience.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

Schedule Information

Hours: 80